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industry session


Value IT
industry session

Usable systems


Mobile & web applications



1030 What are the "big" issues in IP in relation to computing technology?  Ralf Abbing  THE NETHERLANDS 1030 Towards a Usability Coaching Method for Introducing Usability in Organisations Asa Cajander  SWEDEN
Authors: Å. Cajander, E. Eriksson & J. Gulliksen
1030 Invited talk:
On the relation between adaptive side-channel attacks and information theory Catuscia Palamidessi  FRANCE
Authors:   C. Palamidessi

Chair:Rob Van Glabbeek

1030 Generating exploratory search interfaces for the Semantic Web Michal Tvarozek  SLOVAKIA
Authors: M. Tvarozek & M. Bieliková 
1030 Invited talk:
Full abstraction for safety and liveness properties Rob Van Glabbeek  AUSTRALIA 

1030 Invited talk:
A calculus for power-aware multicast communications in ad hoc networks Sabina Rossi  ITALY
1100 Intersection between protecting IP and making innovation happen - in time!  Eva Hopper  GERMANY 1100 Keynote:                     The power and the puzzles of auditory interfaces
Penelope Sanderson   AUSTRALIA
1100 Invited talk
Semantics and logic for quantum computing Bart Jacobs  THE NETHERLANDS 

1100 Project Connect: Learnings from an Innovative Go To Market for Telecommunications Services  Daniel Beecham  AUSTRALIA 1100 The Focus on Usability in Testing Practices in Industry Marta Larusdottir  ICELAND
Authors: M. Larusdottir,  E. Run Bjarnadottir & J. Gulliksen 
1100 Can Adaptive Interfaces Improve the Usability of Mobile Applications? Janet Wesson  SOUTH AFRICA
Authors: J. L. Wesson, A. Singh & B. van Tonder
1130 IT role in business process compliance  Guido Governatori  AUSTRALIA        
1130 Information-Driven Business: How to Manage Data and Information for Maximum Advantage  Robert Hillard AUSTRALIA  1130 Added Value of Eye Tracking in Usability Studies: Expert and Non-expert Participants Judy Van Biljon  SOUTH AFRICA
Authors: M. C. Pretorius, J. van Biljon & E. de Kock
1130 Text processing
Chair: Gilles Dowek

Online dictionary matching for streams of XML documents Panu Silvasti  FINLAND
Authors: P. Silvasti, S. Sippu & E. Soisalon-Soininen

1130 Video Game Design for Mobile Phones Jaime Sanchez  CHILE
Authors: J. Sanchez & M. Espinoza
1130 Pi calculus

Proof system for applied Pi calculus Jia Liu  PR CHINA 
Authors: J. Liu & H. Lin 

1130 Optimisation

Approximating the non-contiguous multiple organization packing problem Pierre-Francois Dutot  FRANCE
Authors: M. Bougeret, P. Dutot, K. Jansen, C. Otte, & D. Trystram  
1200 IT is not about me  Vince Gill  AUSTRALIA 1215 "1-minute madness"
poster presentations
1200 Verification:

Slicing behaviour tree models for verification Nisansala Yatapanage  AUSTRALIA
Authors:   N. Yatapanage, K. Winter & S. Zafar 

1200 IT Value in the Next Decade  Peter Nevin  AUSTRALIA 1200 Supporting the Spreadsheet Idea for Interactive Database Applications Thomas Hasart  GERMANY
Authors: M. Gleichmann, T. Hasart, I. Bruder & P. Forbrig
1200 free
1200 Discussion 1200 Concurrent pattern calculus Thomas Given-Wilson  AUSTRALIA
Authors: T. Given-Wilson, D. Gorla & B. Jay  

1200 Improving the competitive ratios of the seat reservation problem Kazuya Okamoto  JAPAN
Authors: S. Miyazaki & K. Okamoto   
1230-1330 Lunch        
1230 Lunch        
1230 Lunch    
1230 Lunch

Specification & modeling



sponsored by Greythorn

Social and cultural problems


Epistemology, Emotions and Personalization
Logic & topology

Analysis & models
1330 Australian Council of Deans of ICT 1330 Improving the Search for User Interface Design Patterns through Typed Relationships Jordan Janeiro  GERMANY
Authors: J. Janeiro, S. D. J Barbosa, T. Springer & A. Schill
1330 Safe equivalences for security properties Miguel Andres  THE NETHERLANDS
Authors:   M. S. Alvim, M. E. AndrŽs, C. Palamidessi & P. van Rossum

1330 Panel session: ICT & politics

Facilitator: Joel Nation
Kevin Landale
Miles Blicharz
1330 What is culture? Toward common understandings of culture in HCI Anette Loftstrom  SWEDEN
Authors: A. Loftstrom                                                              
1330 The duality of computation under focus Pierre-Louis Curien  FRANCE
Authors: P. Curien & G. Munch-Maccagnoni 

1330 EPISOSE: An Epistemology-based Social Search Framework for Exploratory Information Seeking Haifeng Shen    AUSTRALIA
Authors: Y. Mao, H. Shen & C. Sun
1330 Initial segment complexities of randomness notions Rupert Hölzl  GERMANY
Authors: R. Hšlzl, T. KrŠling, F. Stephan & G. Wu 

1330 A semiring-based, compositional approach to the analysis of information leakage David Clark  UNITED KINGDOM
Authors: M. Boreale,  D. Clark & D. Gorla  

1400 Contributions of psychology to the design of diagnostic decision support systems Gitte Lindgaard  CANADA
Authors: G. Lindgaard, J. Folkens, C. Pyper, M. Frize & R. Walker 
1400 On probabilistic alternating simulations Chenyi Zhang  LUXEMBOURG
Authors:   C. Zhang & J. Pang 

1400 How to become the Number One in your ICT Career? - Advice from CareerOne!  Kate Southam AUSTRALIA 1400 Personalized Support, Guidance, and Feedback by Embedded Assessment and Reasoning: What we can Learn from Educational Computer Games Michael Kickmeier-Rust  AUSTRIA
Authors: M. Kickmeier-Rust & D. Albert 
1400 Polarised resolution modulo Gilles Dowek  FRANCE
Authors: G. Dowek 

1400 Artificial Emotion Generation based on Personality, Mood, and Emotion for Life-like Facial Expressions of Robots Jeong Woo Park  REPUBLIC OF KOREA
Authors:J. W. Park, W. H. Kim, W. H. Lee & M. J. Chung
1400 Topologies refining the Cantor topology on X^{\omega} Ludwig Staiger  GERMANY
Authors: S. Schwarz & L. Staiger  

1400 A game-theoretic approach to routing under adversarial conditions Frank G Radmacher  GERMANY
Authors: J. Gross, F. G. Radmacher & W. Thomas 

1430 A Composite Task Meta-Model as a Reference Model Steve Goschnick  AUSTRALIA
Authors: S. Goschnick, L. Sonenberg & S. Balbo
1430 Probabilistic mobility models for mobile and wireless networks Jens Godskesen  DENMARK
Authors:   L. Song & J. Chr. Godskesen  

1430 The Evolution of the IT Professional  Chris Scullin AUSTRALIA 1430 Investigating Sociability and Affective Responses of Elderly Users through Digitally-Mediated Exercises: A Case of the Nintendo Wii  Yin-Leng Theng  SINGAPORE
Authors: Y. Theng 
1430 A logic on subobjects and recognizability Sander Bruggink  GERMANY
Authors: H.J. Sander Bruggink & B. Kšnig  

1430 Human error categorization: An extension to classical proposals applied to electrical systems operations Daniel Scherer  BRAZIL
Authors: D. Scherer, M. de F. Q. Vieira & J. A. do N. Neto
1430 Traceable sets Rupert Hölzl  GERMANY
Authors: R. Hšlzl & W. Merkle  

1430 An operational model for multiprocessors with caches Sanjiva Prasad  INDIA
Authors: S. Joshi & S. Prasad 

1500 Future Dining Table: Dish recommendation based on dining activity recognition Tomoo Inoue  JAPAN
Authors: T. Inoue, Y. Seto & Y. Matsusaka
1500 Deterministic computations in time-varying graphs: broadcasting under unstructured mobility Bernard Mans  AUSTRALIA
Authors: A. Casteigts, P. Flocchini, B. Mans & N. Santoro 

1500 The Role of IT in Business Transformation  Dean Holt  AUSTRALIA 1500 Acquaintances Clustering for Social Relationship-Based Indexing of Digital Photos Jonghak Kim  REPUBLIC OF KOREA
Authors: J. Kim, T. Jang, J. Yang & J. Ryu    
1500 Terminating tableaux for SOQ with number restrictions on transitive roles Mark Kaminski  GERMANY
Authors: M. Kaminski & G. Smolka  

1445 Theoretical Model of User Acceptance: in the view of Measuring Success in Web Personalization Mohd Afandi Md Amin  AUSTRALIA
Authors: M. A. M. Amin & R. Nayak
1500 0
1530-1600 Afternoon Tea        
1230 Lunch        
1500 Discussion 1500 On symbolic representations of maximum matchings and (un)directed graphs Beate Bollig  GERMANY
Authors: B. Bollig  

User-centred development



1600 Developing a user-centered mobile service interface based on a cognitive model of attention allocation Julia Niemann  AUSTRALIA
Authors: J. Niemann, V. Presse, J. Reissland & A. Naumann 
1600 BLKMGK: The Business of Being Young in IT  AJ Kulatunga AUSTRALIA

1615 Structured Digital Storytelling for Eliciting Software Requirements in the ICT4D Domain Daniel Sinnig  GERMANY
Authors: D. Sinnig, K. Pitula, R. Becker, T. Radhakrishnan & P. Forbrig
1630 Yasas Abeywickrama  AUSTRALIA           Wrap-up 

1630 Development of Wearable Device by Kids - Friendly Design for Kid's Safety SeungHee Lee  JAPAN
Authors: S. H. Lee, J. Sohn, A. Usami & M. Hamanaka

1645 Discussion