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Opening and KBA


Network Security & Authentication

HCC9: 3
Surveillance & privacy

Software Security and Assurance

Trust IT
industry session

Access Control and Privacy

1030 Understanding Domain Registration Abuses Scott Coull  UNITED STATES
Authors: S. Coull, A. White, T. Yen, F. Monrose & M. Reiter
1030 Civil society must publish standards documents Roger Clarke  AUSTRALIA
Authors: R. Clarke

1030 A Dynamic and Ubiquitous Smart Card Security Assurance and Validation Mechanism Raja Naeem Akram  UNITED KINGDOM
Authors: R. N. Akram, K. Markantonakis & K. Mayes

1030 Cyberspace - a matter of national security  Marcus Sachs  USA 1030 Purpose - based access control policies and conflicting analysis   Hua Wang  AUSTRALIA
Authors: H. Wang, L. Sun & V. Varadharajan

1100 Who On Earth is "Mr Cypher": Automated Friend Injection Attacks on Social Networking Sites  Markus Huber  AUSTRIA
Authors: M. Huber, M. Mulazzani & E. Weippl
1050 Citizen surveillance of the State: a mirror for eGovernment? Jeroen Verplanke  THE NETHERLANDS
Authors: J. Verplanke & J. Martinez, G. Miscione, Y. Georgiadou, D. Coleman & A. W.Hassan

1100 Opening 1100 C-SAW: Critical Information Infrastructure Protection through Simplification Ian Ellefsen  SOUTH AFRICA 
    1110 Privacy enhanced fraud resistant road pricing Jaap-Henk Hoepman  THE NETHERLANDS
Authors: J. Hoepman & G. Huitema

1100 On-the-fly Inlining of Dynamic Security Monitors Alejandro Russo  SWEDEN
Authors: J. Magazinius, A. Russo & A. Sabelfeld

1100 Case Studies in applied information security  Richard Johnson  AUSTRALIA 1100 Delegation in Predicate Encryption Supporting Disjunctive Queries Dongdong Sun  AUSTRALIA
Authors: D. Sun, C. Boyd, N. J. Gonzalez 
1130 Keynote:
The 5 waves of information security - from Kristian Beckman to the present   Basie Von Solms    SOUTH AFRICA
Authors: S.H. B. vonSolms
1130 Wireless Sensor Networks for the Protection of an Electrical Energy Distribution Infrastructure Augusto Casaca  PORTUGAL 
1130 Authentic Refinement of Semantically Enhanced Policies in Pervasive Systems Julian Schütte  GERMANY
Authors: J. Schütte, N. Kuntze, A. A. Fuchs & A. Badii 
1130 Privacy in distributed commercial applications Nicolai Kuntze  GERMANY
Authors: N. Kuntze & C. Rudolph

1130 A Metric-Based Scheme for Evaluating Tamper Resistant Software Systems Hongxia Jin  USA
Authors: H. Jin, & G. Myles

1130 Malware analysis and detection  Paul Ducklin  AUSTRALIA 1130 Tagging Disclosures of Personal Data to Third Parties to Preserve Privacy Sven Wohlgemuth  JAPAN
Authors: S. Wohlgemuth, I. Echizen, N. Sonehara & G. Müller
  1200 Critical infrastructure protection risk modelling with games technology Martin Masek  AUSTRALIA
Authors:  M Masek, A. Boeing & W. Bailey

1200 Mobile Qualified Server Signature Clemens Orthacker  AUSTRIA
Authors: C. Orthacker, M. Centner & C. Kittl 
1150 Trends of privacy and surveillance in the information society Klaus Brunnstein  GERMANY
Authors: K. Brunnstein 

1200 Evaluation of the Offensive Approach in Information Security Education Martin Mink  GERMANY
Authors: M. Mink & R. Greifeneder

1200 Unsolveable problems in computer security  Peter Gutmann  NEW ZEALAND 1200 k-Shares: A Privacy Preserving Reputation Protocol for Decentralized Environments Omar Hasan  FRANCE
Authors: O. Hasan, L. Brunie & E. Bertino
1230-1330 Lunch    
1230 Lunch    
1230 Lunch
1230 Lunch    

Security Management


Intrusion Detection, Trust Management, and Models

HCC9: Track 3
Surveillance & privacy


TrustIT       industry session
SEC                  Privacy
1330 A Business Continuity Management Simulator Lam-For Kwok  HONG KONG, SAR OF CHINA
Authors: Lam-for Kwok, W. J.Caelli & D. Longley
1330 Discrete event simulation of QoS of a SCADA system interconnecting a Power grid and a Telco network Michele Minichino  ITALY 
1330 Fraud Detection in ERP Systems using Scenario Matching Malcolm Corney  AUSTRALIA
Authors: A. K. Islam, M. Corney, G. Mohay, A. Clark, S. Bracher, T. Raub & U. Flegel
1330 Panel:
Privacy …going, going, gone?                       Moderator: Renato Iannella AUSTRALIA

Malcolm Crompton AUSTRALIA
Kai Rannenberg GERMANY
Linda Matthews AUSTRALIA
Roger Clarke AUSTRALIA                                          Anna Sharpe AUSTRALIA

1330 Panel: 
Research Methodologies in Information Security Research: The Road Ahead

Johan van Niekerk
Louise Yngstrom

1330 Online crime law enforcement  Det Supt Brian Hay  AUSTRALIA 1330 Towards Fair Indictment for Data Collection with Self-Enforcing Privacy Mark Stegelmann  NORWAY
Authors: M. Stegelmann
1400 Mining Business-Relevant RBAC States Through Decomposition Alessandro Colantonio  ITALY
Authors: A. Colantonio, R. Di Pietro, A. Ocello & N. V. Verde
(to be presented via skype)
1400 On Planning of FTTH Access Networks with and without Redundancy Muhammad Tahir Riaz  DENMARK
  Use of IP Addresses for High Rate Flooding Attack Detection Ejaz Ahmed AUSTRALIA
Authors: E. Ahmed, G. Mohay, A. Tickle & S. Bhatia 
1400 Global insight into Web 2.0 in the workplace today  Richard Turner  UNITED KINGDOM 1400 How to enhance Privacy and Identity Management for Mobile Communities: Approach and User driven Concepts of the PICOS Project  Christian Kahl  GERMANY
Authors: C. Kahl, K. Böttcher, M. Tschersich, S. Heim & K. Rannenberg
1430 Group Dynamics in a Security Risk Management Context: A Teaching Case Study  Stewart Kowalski & Rostyslav Barabanov  SWEDEN
Authors: R. Barabanov
1430  A Distributed Denial of Service Testbed Desmond Schmidt  AUSTRALIA 
  Augmenting Reputation-based Trust Metrics with Rumor-like Dissemination of Reputation Information Sascha Hauke  GERMANY
Authors: S. Hauke, M. Pyka, M. Boschbach & D. Heider
1430 Unholy Convergences  Craig Valli  AUSTRALIA 1430 Performance Analysis of Accumulator-based Revocation Mechanisms Jorn Lapon  BELGIUM
Authors: J. Lapon, M. Kohlweiss, B. De Decker & V. Naessens
1500 0 1500 Risk Modelling the Transition of SCADA Systems to IPv6 Suriadi Suriadi  AUSTRALIA 
  Ex-SDF: An Extended Service Dependency Framework For Intrusion Impact Assessment Nizar Kheir  FRANCE
Authors: N. Kheir, N. Cuppens-Boulahia, F. Cuppens & H. Debar
1500 0
1500  “Design Thinking” in ICT security – delivering business value from fresh approaches  Gil Carter  AUSTRALIA 1500 Closing including Students Best Paper Award and Invitation to SEC 2011 in Lucerne, Switzerland

Rossouw von Solms, Collin Armstrong
1530-1600 Afternoon Tea    

SEC                         Security Management & Governance

1600 Using Actor Network Theory to Understand Information Security Management Karin Hedström  SWEDEN
Authors: K. Hedström, G. Dhillon & F. Karlsson
1600 0

1630 Information Security Governance: When Compliance Becomes more Important than Security  Tobias Ruighaver  AUSTRALIA
Authors: T. Tan, A. B. Ruighaver & A. Ahmad