Treat IT

Wednesday 22 September M5
Thursday 23 September P2

Treat IT

Treat IT

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Treat IT

Overview and Modelling

Treat IT          industry session

System Advances 1  
1030 Opening remarks;                  Keynote presentation:                     Up-dated Topics in Healthcare Informatics Hiroshi Takeda JAPAN
1030 eHealth - Beyond a hospital's Electronic Medical Record, what do we need from a consumer's perspective?  Bill Vargas  AUSTRALIA
1030 Flexible genome retrieval for supporting in-silico studies of endobacteria-AMFs  Stefania Montani  ITALY
Authors: S. Montani, G. Leonardi, S. Ghignone & L. Lanfranco    
1100 The HL7 RIM in the design and implementation of an Information System for Clinical Investigations on Medical Devices  Fabrizio Pecoraro ITALY
Authors: D. Luzi, M. Contenti & F. Pecoraro        

1050 Medicare-Grid: new trends on the development of E-Health System based on Grid Technology  Po-Chi Shih  TAIWAN
Authors: Y. Chung, P. Shih, K. Li, C. Yang, C. Hsu, F. Hsu, D. Yang, C. Wen & C. Chiu
1120 Two human-centred approaches to health informatics: Cognitive systems engineering and usability Tania Xiao  AUSTRALIA
Authors: T. Xiao, W. Broxham, C. Stitzlein, J. Croll & P. Sanderson  

1100 eHealth in Australia - The Way Forward  Adam Powick  AUSTRALIA
1110 A 'Ubiquitous Environment' through Wireless Voice/Data Communication and a Fully Computerized Hospital Information System in a University Hospital  Eisuke Hanada  JAPAN
Authors: E. Hanada, S. Tsumoto & S. Kobayashi 
1140 A Step Towards Medical Ethics Modeling  Jose Machado PORTUGAL
Authors: J. Machado, M. Miranda, A. Abelha, J. Neves & G. Pontes   

1130 The e-Health Vision.  How can the Health System take advantage of IT  John Neville  AUSTRALIA 
1130 Towards a diagnostic toolbox for medical communication  Marcus Watson  AUSTRALIA
Authors: W. Billingsley, C. Gallois, A. Smith & M. Watson      
1200 Overview of the health informatics research field: A bibliometric approach  Hai-Ning Liang  AUSTRALIA
Authors: H. Liang  

1150 MILXView: A medical imaging, analysis and visualization platform  Neil Burdett  AUSTRALIA
Authors: N. Burdett, J. Fripp, P. Bourgeat, O. Acosta, P. Raniga & O. Salvado   
1220 Discussion
1200 The role of e-Health in health reform  Judy Anderson  AUSTRALIA
1210 Discussion
1230 Lunch
1230 Lunch      
  E-Health                  1) EPR                        2) Network & Security
  Treat IT          industry session
  E-Health                                     System Advances 2
1330 Testing for Usability is not enough: Why Clinician Acceptance of Health Information Systems is also crucial for successful implementation  Jasmine Croll  AUSTRALIA
Authors: J. Croll 

1330 Translating research into outcomes: eHealth research programs for health system adoption  Phil Gurney  AUSTRALIA
1330 Advanced Telemedicine System using 3G Cellular Networks and Agent Technology  Golam Sorwar  AUSTRALIA
Authors: G. Sorwar & A. Ali      
1350 Towards Characteristics of Lifelong Health Records  Eldridge Van Der Westhuizen  SOUTH AFRICA
Authors: E. Van Der Westhuizen & D. Pottas  

1350 User Adaptivity of Biotelemetric System for ECG Measurement and Visualization  Ondrej Krejcar  CZECH REPUBLIC
Authors: O. Krejcar, D. Janckulik, L. Motalova & K. Musil      
1410 Physicians’ Concept of Time Usage - A Key Concern in EPR Deployment  Rebecka Janols  SWEDEN
Authors: R. Janols, B. Göransson, E. Borälv & B. Sandblad   

1400 Performance Support to support software deployment in Healthcare  Alfred Remmits  THE NETHERLANDS
1410 Help me to understand your world: A reflection on the potential impact of e-health systems on the prognosis for Asperger Syndrome   Rudi Harmse  SOUTH AFRICA
Authors: R. Harmse & D. Pottas   
1430 Oshidori-Net: Connecting regional EPR systems to achieve secure mutual reference with thin-client computing technology  Shigeki Kuwata  JAPAN
Authors: S. Kuwata, K. Toda, K. Teramoto, H. Kondoh, N. Tamura & M. Ikeguchi   

1430 ICT - The Critical (Missing) Piece in the Healthcare Puzzle  Peter Grant  AUSTRALIA
1430 Move to poster presentation session in Mezzanine Foyer
1450 Information Security Sharing of Network Medical Organizations: Case Study of Remote Diagnostic Imaging  Masayo Fujimoto  JAPAN
Authors: M. Fujimoto, K. Takeda, T. Honma, T. Kawazoe, N. Aida, H. Hagiwara & H. Sugimoto  

5-minute poster slots
(8 poster presenters)

Poster Moderator:
Shigeki Kuwata
1510 A Secure Framework and Related Protocols for Ubiquitous Access to Electronic Health Records Using Java SIM Cards  Reza Hassanzadeh  AUSTRALIA
Authors: R. Hassanzadeh, T. Sahama & C. Fidge

1500 The Flying Doctors and technology - the opportunities and challenges!  Nino di Marco  AUSTRALIA
1520 Symposium close
1530 Afternoon tea
1530 Afternoon tea      
  E-Health                        Data Analysis and Mining 

1600 Capturing and Analyzing Injection Processes with Point of Act System for improving quality and productivity of health service administration  Atsushi Koshio  JAPAN
Authors: A. Koshio & M. Akiyama 

1620 Analysis on data captured by the barcode medication administration system with PDA for reducing medical error at point of care in Japanese Red Cross Kochi Hospital  Masanori Akiyama  JAPAN
Authors: M. Akiyama, A. Koshio & N. Kaihotsu

1640 Blended clustering for health data mining  Arshad Muhammad Maher  AUSTRALIA
Authors: A. Mehar, A. Maeder, K. Matawie & A. Ginige