Sustain IT

Monday 20 September M9
Thursday 23 September PTR

Sustain IT

Sustain IT

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HCC9 Opening

Sustain IT
industry session
1100 Chrisanthi Avgerou - introduction
1030 Environmental business benefits through Leadership, Culture and GreenIT  Phillip Nyssen  AUSTRALIA
1110 Keynote:
An Introduction to the Relationship between ICT and Sustainable Development  Lorenz Hilty  SWITZERLAND

1100 Buildings come clean: itís time to see the data!  Craig Roussac  AUSTRALIA

1130 Improving Efficiency past Virtualisation and Blade Computing  Glenn Gore  AUSTRALIA

1200 Teaching sustainable ICT competencies with tablet computers: my first year's experience setting the global standard for green ICT professional education  Tom Worthington  AUSTRALIA
1230-1330 Lunch
1230 Lunch

Lorenz Hilty
  Sustain IT      industry session
1350 A model and selected instances of green and sustainable software Markus Dick  GERMANY
Authors: M. Dick, S. Naumann & N. Kuhn

1330 Sustainable IT and data centres at Telstra - driving change for economical and ecological benefit  Jon Curry  AUSTRALIA
1410 Managing Energy Efficiency in Manufacturing Processes - Implementing Energy Performance in Production Information Technology Systems Katharina Bunse  SWITZERLAND
Authors: K. Bunse
& M. Vodicka

1400 Pragmatic Sustainability Using Information Technology  John Vickers  AUSTRALIA
1430 A Reference Process for Building Information Systems to Support Sustainable Design based on LCA, PSS, Social and Economic Aspects Fabiana Santana  BRAZIL
Authors: F. S. Santana, C. Barberato & A. M. Saraiva

1430 Green IT - A Framework and Benchmarking Approach. How Australia Compares  Graeme Philipson AUSTRALIA 
1450 Debate
1500 3 ways to future proof your energy savings in the Data Centre  Christian Bertolini  AUSTRALIA
1530-1600 Afternoon Tea

HCC9: 4

1600 IT Support for Sustainable Development in Organizations Andreas Moeller  GERMANY
Authors: A. Moeller & A. Rolf

1620 Utilising the Internet to improve peasant artisan incomes: Evidence from Mexico  John Dobson  CANADA
Authors: J. Dobson, R. Duncombe & Brian Nicholson

1640 Debate