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Advanced information processing in Entertainment Computing

Creative Computing 1

Interactive Media and Digital Art

PlayIT          Industry Session


1030 Haptic Carillon: a computationally enhanced mechanical performing instrument Fazel Naghdy  AUSTRALIA
Authors: M. Havryliv, F. Naghdy, G. Schiemer & T. Hurd 

1030 Interactivity in games: the player's engagement Stephane Natkin  FRANCE
Authors: S. Natkin 



1030 Joint presentation:
Game Development Studio Start-Up's:  A Practical Guide  George Fidler AUSTRALIA   &
The changing face of games and game development  Morgan Jaffit  AUSTRALIA

1100 Invited talk:                         Multiple Format Search and Rescue Robot as a Competitive Arena  Andrew Chiou  AUSTRALIA
1100 3D geometric and haptic modelling of handwoven textile artefacts Fazel Naghdy  AUSTRALIA
Authors: H. Shidanshidi, F. Naghdy, G. Naghdy & D. Wood Conroy 

1100 Opening the Can: Public Interaction with Ready-made Contents Philippe Codognet  JAPAN
Authors: S. Dubnov & P. Codognet 

        1120 Discussion

1130 An online classification approach of visitors' movements in 3D virtual museums Kingkarn Sookhanaphibarn  JAPAN
Authors: K. Sookhanaphibarn & R. Thawonmas 

1130 Pocket Gamelan: realizations of a microtonal composition on a Linux phone using open source music synthesis software Greg Schiemer   AUSTRALIA
Authors: G. Schiemer, E. Deleflie & E. Cheng 

1130 Emotional Expression of Korean Dance Assisted by a Virtual Environment System Jong Il Park  KOREA
Authors: T. Uhm, H. Park, M. Lee, U. Kim & J. Park

        1130 Social Gaming  John Passfield  AUSTRALIA

1200 A Machine That Day-Dreams Graham Mann  AUSTRALIA
Authors: G. A. Mann

1200 Creating memory:  reading a patching language  Michael Barkl  AUSTRALIA
Authors: M. Barkl  

1200 Emotion as a Communication Medium between the Unconscious and the Conscious  Matthias Rauterberg  THE NETHERLANDS
Authors: M. Rauterberg 

        1200 StarCraft and e-sports: My time as a professional gamer in Korea  Peter Neate  AUSTRALIA

ECS                                               Advanced information processing in Entertainment Computing 2

ECS           Creative Computing 2

ECS                       Theoretical / Conceptual Basis of Cultural Computing


1330 Cluster analysis for personalised mobile entertainment content Worapat Paireekreng  AUSTRALIA
W. Paireekreng, K. Wai Wong & C. C. Fung 

1330 The promise of fuzzy logic in generalised music composition Wendy Suiter  AUSTRALIA
Authors: W. Suiter 

1330 Cultural computing - how to investigate a form of unconscious user experience in mixed realities Matthias Rauterberg  THE NETHERLANDS
Authors: M. Rauterberg, J. Hu & G. Langereis 

        1330 Creativity in the Game Industry  Eve Penford-Dennis  AUSTRALIA

1400 Auto-Explanation System: Player Satisfaction in Strategy-Based Board Games  Andrew Chiou  AUSTRALIA
Authors: A. Chiou & K. W. Wong                                                    

1400 Structuralism, attitude and the computer: questioning the notion of 'cultural computing' Warren Burt  AUSTRALIA
Authors: W. Burt

1400 Machine-made puzzles and hand-made puzzles Hiroshi Higashida  JAPAN
Authors: Hiroshi Higashida

        1400 Business Process Simulation In Virtual Worlds  Ross Brown  AUSTRALIA

1430 Comparing binarisation techniques for the processing of ancient manuscripts Kevin Wong  AUSTRALIA
R. Chamchong, C. C. Fung & K. W. Wong 

1430 Looking for Culture in Video Games: Three Conceptual Approaches  James Scarborough  UNITED STATES
Authors: J. K. Scarborough 

1430 Cultural computing: creative power integrating culture, unconsciousness and software Naoko Tosa  JAPAN
Authors: N. Tosa 

        1430 The Perpetual Song  Mick Gordon  AUSTRALIA

1500 Complex game design modeling Kevin Wong   AUSTRALIA
V. Narayanasamy, K. W. Wong, S. Rai & A. Chiou 

1500 Supporting Multiple Perspectives on 3D Museum Artefacts through Interoperable Annotations  Jane Hunter  AUSTRALIA
Authors: J. Hunter & C. Yu 

1500 Entertainment and its future Ryohei Nakatsu SINGAPORE
Authors: R. Nakatsu 

        1500 Business Process Simulation In Virtual Worlds  Ross Brown  AUSTRALIA


1600 Co-production and co-creation: creative practice in social inclusion Atau Tanaka  UNITED KINGDOM
Authors: A. Tanaka, L. Gaye & R. Richardson

1630 Panel:
Concept, Methodology and Future of Cultural Computing
Ryohei Nakatsu, Naoko Tosa, Matthias Rauterberg