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Govern IT

Govern IT

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Govern IT

Govern IT
Govern IT

Govern IT


industry session:

Back-end transformation

ICT leading change through innovation

HCC9: 1
Ethics & ICT governance

Global case studies on process design issues

1030 Governing IT to Maximise Business Value... Going Up a Gear on Value Governance  Peter Harrison  AUSTRALIA 1030 Transformative and Innovative e-Government for the Next Generation: Linkages of Back Offices for One-stop Portal Osamu Sudoh  JAPAN
Authors: O. Sudoh & Y. Kinoshita

1030 Change today & tomorrow: What the future holds for CIOs  Kumar Parakala  INDIA 1030 The demographic factors affecting university students' intention to pirate software Linda Spark  SOUTH AFRICA
Authors: L. Spark

1030 Process Model of Customer-Centric E-Government Enabled Service Transformation: Insights from MINDEF's Portal Implementation Experience Satish Krishnan  SINGAPORE
Authors: S. Krishnan, B. C.C. Tan & S. L. Pan

1050 Exploring the Digital Divide in Maldives Mohamed Shareef  MACAO, SAR OF CHINA
Authors: M. Shareef, A. Ojo & T. Janowski

1100 Narrowing the Gap between Open Standards Policy and Practice: The Dutch e-Government Experience Rutger Lammers  NETHERLANDS
Authors: R. Lammers, E. Folmer & M. Ehrenhard

1100 The Impact of IT Governance on Internal Firm Process Performance and overall Firm Performance  Peter Green  AUSTRALIA 1100 The Influence of Resource Dependency Tolerance on Inter-Organisational Alliance Governance Mark Borman  AUSTRALIA
Authors: M. Borman 

1100 ICT Leadership & Governance: Building a resilient organisation in a rapidly changing world  Mark Toomey  AUSTRALIA 1110 Balancing Public and Private Interests in ICT Standardisation: the Case of AVS in China  Junbin Su  PR CHINA
Authors: J. Su & V. V. Fomin

1100 ICT-based improvement of construction procurement process Olli Martikainen  FINLAND
Authors: R. Halonen
1130 Providing Adaptive and Evolving Government e-Services through Citizen-Centric Process Views John Krogstie  NORWAY
Authors: G. Aagesen & J. Krogstie

1130 Information Management - Through the Eyes of a Chief Internal Auditor  Bruce Turner  AUSTRALIA 1130 Content Management as the Center of a Shared Service Center Implementation: A US Public Sector Case Study Marijn Janssen  NETHERLANDS
Authors: A. Joha & M. Janssen

1130 Success or Failure Relies on Innovative Governance and Change Management: A case study on the largest logistics and supply chain ERP roll-out in Australia this year   Peter Lambert  AUSTRALIA 1130 The European VCD service: facilitating public procurement through criteria to evidence mapping Maria Wimmer  GERMANY
Authors: A. Mondorf &  M. A. Wimmer

1130 The Case for Improvisation in Information Security Risk Management Kennedy Njenga  SOUTH AFRICA
Authors: K. Njenga & I. Brown 
1200 Discussion
1200 IT Governance - Fad, Fact or Fiction?  Tony Hayes  AUSTRALIA 1200 Discussion
1200 Integrated Court System (ICS) Malaysia: An ICT innovation success in Judicial sector  Tan Sri Richard Malanjum  MALAYSIA 1150 Money laundering and FATF compliance by the international community George Mohay  AUSTRALIA
Authors: A. Alkaabi, G. Mohay, A. McCullagh & N. Chantler

1200 Discussion
    1210 Discussion
1230-1330 Lunch
1230 Lunch    
1230 Lunch    
1230 Lunch

Lalit Sawhney

GovernIT        industry session:        ISACA
New applications

  SEARCC   HCC9: 1
Ethics & ICT governance

Globalised process design
1330 Invited speaker:
Access and reuse of public sector information (PSI) in an era of Gov 2.0 Brian Fitzgerald  AUSTRALIA

1330 Taming government ICT investment through enterprise architecture and ICT policy  Alan Chapman  AUSTRALIA 1330 Process Modeling Semantics for Complex Business Environments Igor Hawryszkiewicz  AUSTRALIA
Authors: I. Hawryszkiewicz

1330 NBN: The future Sen Stephen Conroy  AUSTRALIA 1330 Ethical governance for emerging ICTS: opening cognitive framing and achieving reflexivity Philippe Goujon  BELGIUM
Authors: P. Goujon & C. Flick 

1330 BPM-in-the-Large -Towards a higher level of abstraction in Business Process Management John Krogstie  NORWAY
Authors: C. Houy, P. Fettke, P. Loos, W.M.P. van der Aalst & J. Krogstie
    1350 Discussion
1400 Making the Most of Wireless Networks - Use existing infrastructure to deliver vital services to the point of demand  Maree Adshead  AUSTRALIA 1400 A Role-involved Conditional Purpose-based Access Control Model Md Enamul Kabir  AUSTRALIA
Authors: M. Enamul Kabir, H. Wang & E. Bertino

1400 Regional Industry Leaders Forum:
Growing our next generation of technology greats           
Moderator: Caroline New
Sen Stephen Conroy
Paul Raymond Henderson
YB Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Dr George Chan Hong Nam
Shri Sachin Pilot
SV Raghavan
1400 Panel:
Moderator: John Weckert
Ethics of computing: insights into today's key issues

1400 When global process fails: A grounded theory study of a case from agile engagement to compulsive outsourcing Jan Pries-Heje  DENMARK
Authors: J. Pries-Heje
1430 Hands-on guideline for e-participation initiatives Maria Wimmer  GERMANY
Authors: S. Scherer, M. Wimmer & S. Ventzke

1430 The Value of IT Governance - Stories from the Trenches  Catherine Blunt  AUSTRALIA 1430 Panel Session:
New applications: what's new?
John Suffolk
Brian Fitzgerald
Lalit Sawhney

1430 Stress free technology: Lessons from a spiritual master   Ajahn Brahm  AUSTRALIA    
1430 Panel discussion        Process Design in an Increasingly Globalized Society: Issues and opportunities
Chair: Michael Rosemann
1500 Virtual communities as a mechanisms for sustainable coordination within the South African Public Sector Godwin Thomas  SOUTH AFRICA
Authors: G. Thomas & R. Botha

1500 Governance of IT - the role of the project sponsor  Rimas Skeivys  AUSTRALIA     

1530-1600 Afternoon Tea

1530 Afternoon Tea

Adoption & diffusion


1600 Examining the role of the culture of local government on adoption and use of e-government services  Nurdin Nurdin  AUSTRALIA
Authors: N. Nurdin, R. Stockdale & H. Scheepers

1600 Achieving value from ICT: How Tasmania is leading technology incubation in Australia  Premier David Bartlett  AUSTRALIA

1630 Diffusing Ubuntu into e-Government: A South African Perspective Hossana Twinomurinzi  SOUTH AFRICA
Authors: H. Twinomurinzi, J. Phahlamohlaka & E. Byrne

1630 Innovation and Technology: Securing our future John Grant  AUSTRALIA