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industry session

Session 1

Introduction & Architectures

DeliverIT       Industry Session
Data mining & machine learning

Verification & Validation

Session 4

Virtualisation & routing

Industry Session

Case-based reasoning/planning & scheduling

Distributed architectures & design support

Session 6

Deliver IT         industry session
AI techniques

HCC9: 2
Virtual technologies & social shaping
1100 Free-Flow Tolling Project - a case study in accelerated delivery  Susan Caelers  AUSTRALIA 1100 Keynote:
A Relationship Oriented Approach to LightWeight Web Semantics  Hai Zhuge  PR CHINA
1100 Keynote:
Safety, Efficiency and Autonomy - Mastering Conflicting Trends in Embedded Systems Design Rolf Ernst  GERMANY
Authors: R. Ernst
1100 Architecting the firm - coherency and ocnsistency in managing the enterprise Pat Turner  AUSTRALIA  1100 Session 1: Network of the Future
An introduction to the Network of the Future Guy Pujolle  FRANCE

1030 Delivering a Responsive Technology Capability using Virtualisation and Clouds  Nick Brant  AUSTRALIA 1030 J-PMCRI: A Methodology for Inducing Pre-Pruned Modular Classification Rules Max Bramer  UNITED KINGDOM
Authors: F. Stahl, M. Bramer & M. Adda 
1030 Generation of Executable Testbenches from Natural Language Requirement Specifications for Embedded Real-Time Systems Wolfgang Mueller  GERMANY
Authors: W. Mueller, A. Bol, A. Krupp & O. Lundkvist 
1030 A Metamodel for Enterprise Architecture Peter Bernus  AUSTRALIA  1030 OpenFlow and Xen-Based Virtual Network Migration Otto Duarte  BRAZIL 
1030 Keynote presentation: 
Technological Challenges for New Service Models in Developing Countries  Aruna Seneviratne  AUSTRALIA
1030 IP3 - International Professional Practice Partnership. Transforming Professional Practice. Who are we? What are we doing? What next?   Greg Lane
Roger Hart
Moira de Roche
1030 Any3 connectivity - Anywhere, Any place, Any time   Todd McGregor  AUSTRALIA 1030 A Case-based Approach to Business Process Monitoring Stefania Montani  ITALY
Authors: S.  Montani & G. Leonardi 
1030 Dependency-Driven Distribution of Synchronous Programs Daniel Baudisch  GERMANY
Authors: D. Baudisch, J. Brandt & K. Schneider
1030 Digital Business Ecosystem Tools as Interoperability Drivers Maria Raffai  HUNGARY 
1030 IT's Contribution to Deliver Transformational Business Change  Baden Sharples  AUSTRALIA 1030 Context-based Probabilistic Scene Interpretation Bernd Neumann  GERMANY
Authors: B. Neumann & K. Terzic 
1030 A Collaborative Decision Support Model for Marine Safety and Security Operations Piper Jackson  CANADA
Authors: U. Glässer , P. Jackson, A. Khalili Araghi, H. Wehn & H. Yaghoubi Shahir 
1030 Making a good (Virtual) first impression: the use of visuals in online impression management and creating identity performances Erika Pearson  NEW ZEALAND
Authors: E. Pearson
1130 Delivering in a Multichannel Retail World  Alan Hesketh  AUSTRALIA         1140 Defining Leadership as Process Reference Model: translating organizational goals into practice using a structured leadership approach  David Tuffley  AUSTRALIA  1130 Session 2: Architectures
Future Internet is by Ethernet Raimo Kantola  FINLAND 

1100 The Datacenter as we know it today is dead!  Victor Medici AUSTRALIA 1055 Enhancement of Infrequent Purchased Product Recommendation Using Data Mining Techniques Noraswaliza Abdullah  AUSTRALIA
Authors: N. Abdullah, Y.X u, S. Geva, & M. Looi  
1100 Model Checking of Concurrent Algorithms: From Java to C Cyrille Artho  JAPAN
Authors: C. Artho, M. Hagiya, W. Leungwattanakit, Y. Tanabe & M. Yamamoto
1100 Communication as a Crucial Element for Enterprise Architecture Management in Virtual Organization Taivo Kangilaski  ESTONIA     
    1115 Panel discussion (Webinar):
IT Professional Certification - what does Industry want & why
Panel chair: Stephen Ibaraki
Graham Jones
Jeff Kempiners
Alex YQ Lin
Tan Moorthy
John Oxley
Graham Watson
Joanne Wong
1100 Network of the Future - Australia’s NBN - an International Comparison of Approach  Reg Coutts  AUSTRALIA 1055 A survey on the dynamic scheduling problem in astronomical observations Matias Mora  CHILE
Authors: M. Mora & M. Solar 
1100 Distributed Resource-Aware Scheduling for Multi-Core Architectures with SystemC Achim Rettberg  GERMANY
Authors: P. A. Hartmann, K. Grüttner, A. Rettberg & I. Podolski
1100 XML in enterprise systems: its roles and benefits Jaroslav Pokorny  CZECH REPUBLIC 
            1050 Virtuality improves the well being of seniors through increasing social interaction Oliver Burmeister  AUSTRALIA
Authors: O. Burmeister
1200 From E-Transactions to M-Transactions: Enabling mobile transactions with information assurance  Clarence Tan & Chris Lane  AUSTRALIA         1210 Discussion 1200 On the way to a theory for network architectures Thi-Mai-Trang Nguyen  FRANCE 
1130 Is your organisation instrument-rated to fly in the Cloud?  Rob Livingstone  AUSTRALIA 1120 A Machine Learning Approach to Predicting Winning Patterns in Track Cycling Omnium  Bahadorreza Ofoghi  AUSTRALIA
Authors: B. Ofoghi, J. Zeleznikow, C. MacMahon & D. Dwyer 
1130 Integrate Online Model Checking into Distributed Reconfigurable System on Chip with Adaptable OS Services Sufyan Samara  GERMANY
Authors: S. Samara, Y. Zhao & F. Rammig
1130 Industry presentation: EA Frameworks in government Jeff Tendero 1130 Virtual Network Urbanization Othmen Braham  FRANCE 
1130 C3TO: a scalable architecture for mobile tutoring over cell phones Reinhardt Botha  SOUTH AFRICA
Authors: L. Butgereit & R. A. Botha
    1130 Panel:
The trouble with networks
Moderator: Simon Kaplan
Hosted by QUT
David Barbagallo
Peter Grant
Tim Smeallie
Dallas Stower
1120 Case-based decision support in time dependent medical domains Stefania Montani  ITALY
Authors: S. Montani 
1130 A Robust Partitioned Scheduling for Real-Time Multiprocessor Systems Frederic Fauberteau  FRANCE
Authors: F. Fauberteau, S. Midonnet & L. George
1130 Software Interoperability Tools: Standardized Capability-Profiling Methodology ISO16100  Michiko Matsuda  JAPAN 
1100 Confronting the CIO Leadership Challenge - Making a Difference or Fading away!  Darin Brumby  AUSTRALIA 1055 Full text search engine as scalable k-nearest neighbor recommendation systemMichal Barla SLOVAKIA
Authors: J.S uchal & P. Návrat
1100 Combining software and hardware LCS for lightweight on-chip learning Andreas Bernauer  GERMANY
Authors: A. Bernauer, J. Zeppenfeld, O. Bringmann, A. Herkersdorf & W. Rosenstiel  
1110 The tragedy of the virtual commons as manifested in the death of blogs John Lenarcic  AUSTRALIA
Authors: J. Lenarcic & P. Sarkar
1230-1330 Lunch                
1200 Cloudy with a chance of latency: WAN acceleration for cloud computing  Steve Dixon  AUSTRALIA 1145 Discussion 1200 Efficient Mutation-Analysis Coverage for Constrained Random Verification Tao Xie  GERMANY
Authors: T. Xie, W. Mueller & F. Letombe
1150 Panel
Future of enterprise architecture

led by Peter Bernus
1200 New Routing Paradigms for the Next Internet Djamel Sadok  BRAZIL 
            1135 Solving the Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem and the Split Delivery using GRASP Metaheuristic Manuel Tupia  PERU
Authors: J. G. Suárez & M. T. Anticona 
1130 Culture and Leadership for Performance in an ICT Service Company  Peter Effeney  AUSTRALIA 1120 Developing Intelligent Environments with OSGi and JADE Paulo Novais  PORTUGAL
Authors: D. Carneiro, P. Novais, R. Costa & J. Neves 
1130 Collaborating and learning predators on a pursuit scenario  Nugroho Fredivianus  GERMANY
Authors: N. Fredivianus, U. Richter & H. Schmeck 
1130 How to measure public opinion in the networked age: working in a Googleocracy or a Googlearchy? Sean Westwood  USA
Authors: S. J. Westwood

DeliverIT     industry session

Specification & modeling

Session 2

Green Technologies for the future & Sensor networks

1230 Lunch                
1200 Wireless mesh networks for infrastructure deficient areas Roman Seibel  GERMANY
Authors: R. Seibel, N. Klann & T. Waage
        1150 Discussion 1200 An Infrastructure for Flexible Runtime Reconfigurable Multi-Microcontroller Systems Claudius Stern  GERMANY
Authors: C. Stern, P. Adelt, M. Schmitz, L. Kleinjohann & B. Kleinjohann 
1200 Discussion
1200 Engaging an Agile Software Team  Chris Murphy  AUSTRALIA 1145 Discussion 1200 SelSta - a biologically inspired approach for self-stabilizing humanoid robot walking Bojan Jakimovski  GERMANY
Authors: B. Jakimovski, M. Kotke, M. Hörenz & E. Maehle 
1150 A Multidiscipline Approach to Governing Virtual Property Theft in Virtual Worlds  Nicholas Patterson  AUSTRALIA
Authors: N. C. Patterson & M. Hobbs
1330 Building a Smarter Planet: City by City  Glen Boreham  AUSTRALIA 1330 Ecologically Rational Agency John Debenham  AUSTRALIA
Authors: J. Debenham & C. Sierra 
1330 Rialto 2.0: A Language for Heterogeneous Computations Andreas Dahlin  FINLAND
Authors: J. Lilius, A. Dahlin & L. Morel
1330 Valuation of procurement flexibility in the machinery and equipment industry using the real option approach Alexander Kleinert  GERMANY  1330 Green Network Planning Model for Optical Backbones Jose Gutierrez  DENMARK 

DeliverIT       Industry Session
Neural nets & fuzzy logic

Code-generation, simulation & timing analysis

Session 5


1230 Lunch                    
            1210 Discussion
1400 Joomla - The Paradox of Commercially Viable Free Open Source Software  Andrew Eddie  AUSTRALIA 1420 Discussion 1400 Scenario-based Modeling in Industrial Information Systems Ricardo Machado  PORTUGAL
Authors: R. J. Machado, J. M. Fernandes, J. P. Barros & L. Gomes
1400 Business Capabilities Centric Enterprise Architecture  Thiago Barroero   ITALY 1400 A solution for green communications for today and tomorrow Khaldoun Al Agha  FRANCE 
1330 Panel:
Implications of the Cloud - The Next Frontier

(Plenary Session in GH1)
1330 Learning Motor Control by Dancing YMCA Rikke Amilde Lovlid  NORWAY
Authors: R. A. Lřvlid 
1330 Generating VHDL source code from UML models of embedded systems Marco Wehrmeister   BRAZIL
Authors: T. G. Moreira, M. A. Wehrmeister, C. E. Pereira, J. Pétin & E. Levrat  
1330 Semantic harmonization for  seamless networked SCP in the future of internet Ricardo Jardim-Goncalves  PORTUGAL  1330 Interconnection of Optical Metro Ring Networks: End-to-End Performance Tulin Atmaca  FRANCE 
  WCITD   IP3   DeliverIT             Industry Session   AI
Intelligent systems engineering
Session 7

1230 Lunch            
1430 Is technology relevant to the future of online retailers?  Paul Greenberg  AUSTRALIA 1420 Discussion 1430 An entirely Model-based Framework for Hardware Design and Simulation Safouan Taha  FRANCE
Authors: S. Taha, A. Radermacher & S. Gerard 
1430 An Enterprise Architecture Approach towards Environmental Management Ovidiu Noran  AUSTRALIA  1430 Internet Sensor Grid: Experiences with Passive and Active Instruments Peter Komisarczuk  NEW ZEALAND 
    1355 Analysis and Comparison of Probability Transformations for Fusing Sensors with Uncertain Detection Performance Edwin El-Mahassni  AUSTRALIA
Authors: E. El-Mahassni, S. Davey & J. Legg  
1400 RACE: A Rapid, ArChitectural Simulation and Synthesis Framework for Embedded Processors Sri Parameswaran  AUSTRALIA
Authors: R. Ragel, A. Ambrose, J. Peddersen & S. Parameswaran
    1400 A Relative Bandwidth Allocation Method Enabling Fast Convergence in XCP Le Hieu Hanh  JAPAN 
1330 Wireless mesh networks for infrastructure deficient areas Roman Seibel  GERMANY
Authors: R. Seibel, N. Klann & T. Waage
1330 Global perspectives on ICT Professionalism  Don Robertson
Niko Schlamberger
1330 Wireless innovation in Australia  Max Jennings  AUSTRALIA 1330 Combining Determinism and Intuition through Univariate Decision Strategies for Target Detection from Multi-Sensors Edwin El-Mahassni  AUSTRALIA
Authors: E.  El-Mahassni  
1330 Model Checking the Ant Colony Optimisation Flavio Wagner  BRAZIL
Authors: L. Duarte, L. Foss, F. Wagner & T. Heimfarth 
1330 Value added by interoperable information systems in spread production networks Dirk Oedekoven  GERMANY 
  Deliver IT         industry session   AI
AI applications
1500 If IT is to be…  John Puttick  AUSTRALIA     1500 Extending the Standard Execution Model of UML for Real-Time Systems Abderraouf Benyahia  FRANCE
Authors: A. Benyahia, A. Cuccuru, S. Taha, F. Terrier, F. Boulanger & S. Gérard
1500 Discussion 1500 Data-driven MAC for Efficient Transmission of Spatially Correlated Data in WSNs Nahdia Tabassum  AUSTRALIA 
    1420 Speaker Verification System using a Hierarchical Adaptive Network-based Fuzzy Inference Systems (HANFIS) Zohreh Soozanchi  IRAN
Authors: K.  Zohreh Soozanchi , R. Mohammad, T. Akbarzadeh, M. Yaghoobi, & S. Rahati 
    1410 Learning Interoperability in Emerging Supplier Networks Georg Weichhart  AUSTRIA     
1400 Establishing low cost aquatic monitoring networks for developing countries Jarrod Trevathan  AUSTRALIA
Authors: J. Trevathan, I. Aitkinson, W. Read, R. Johnstone, N.Bajema & J. McGeachin
    1400 Social networking in the enterprise  Benjamin Patey  AUSTRALIA 1355 A UML Profile Oriented to the Requirements Modeling in Intelligent Tutoring Systems Projects Gilleanes Guedes  BRAZIL
Authors: G. T. A. Guedes & R.  M. Vicari 
1400 Feature Selection for Classification Using an Ant System Approach Nadia Abd-Alsabour  AUSTRALIA
Authors: N. Abd-Alsabour 
1400 Pragmatic interoperability: a systematic review of published definitions Camlon Asuncion  NETHERLANDS 
1330 The Agile Revolution: A cultural and critical challenge for ITC  Rob Thomsett  AUSTRALIA 1330 Bee Hive At Work: Following A Developing Story On The Web Anna Bou Ezzeddine  SLOVAKIA
Authors: P. Navrat & A. Bou Ezzeddine 
1330   1330  
1530-1600 Afternoon Tea                
1430 Quantifying Cloud Readiness: An implementer’s perspective  Dharmender Kapoor  INDIA       1435 Discussion 1430 A Mixed Level Simulation Environment for Stepwise RTOS Software Refinement Markus Becker  GERMANY
Authors: M. Becker, H. Zabel & W. Mueller
1440 Research on Quality of Transaction Standards: The Maturity of a Research Topic  Rutger Lammers  THE NETHERLANDS  1430 On the interest of introducing randomness in ad-word auctions Bruno Tuffin  FRANCE 
1430 Infrastructure and business model for universal broadband access in developing regions: the Ceara State Digital Belt Fernando Carvalho  BRAZIL
Authors: F. Carvalho & M.Fernandez
1430 Seoul Accord & ICT Education  Joe Turner 1430 Regionalised web presences done right!  Damian Hickey  AUSTRALIA 1420 Learning by Collaboration in Intelligent Autonomous Systems Jorge Ierache  ARGENTINA
Authors: J. Lerache, R. García-Martínez & A. De Giusti 
1430 Novelty-Aware Attack Recognition - Intrusion Detection With Organic Computing Techniques Dominik Fisch  GERMANY
Authors: D. Fisch, F. Kastl & B.Sick
1430 Discussion
1400 Driving Innovation in the 21st Century Enterprise  Andrew GrothM  AUSTRALIA 1355 Computer-aided estimation for the risk of development of gastric cancer by image processing Yoshihiro Sasaki  JAPAN
Authors: Y.  Sasaki, R.  Hada, T. Yoshimura, N. Hanabata, T. Mikami & S.Fukuda 
1400   1400  
  DeliverIT     industry session
Knowledge Acquisition
Fault Tolerance
Session 3

1500 What's wrong with business people... And how to fix IT  Rob Roe  AUSTRALIA     1500 Global Best-Case Response Time for Improving the Worst-Case Response Times in Distributed Real-Time Systems Victor Pollex  GERMANY
Authors: S. Kollmann, V. Pollex & F. Slomka
1510 Discussion 1500 0
1500 ICT driven knowledge management in developing countries: a case study in a Chinese organisation Siraj Shaikh  UNITED KINGDOM
Authors: J. Ton & S. A. Shaikh
1500 Brisbane Declaration - pathways to more inclusive IP3
Greg Lane & IP3 Team Members
1500 The Rise of Business as a Virtual Machine - and the death of IT  Simon Kaplan  AUSTRALIA  1445 Discussion 1500 Evolutionary-Computation Based Risk Assessment of Aircraft Landing Sequencing Algorithms Wenjing Zhao  AUSTRALIA
Authors: W. Zhao, J. Tang, S. Alam & A. Bender 
1440 Panel:                           Interoperability

led by Guy Doumeingts

1430 Panel:
The IT Department is Dead
sponsored by Business Aspect

Moderator: Ian Birks
Chris Murphy
Peter Effeney
Andrew Groth
Paul Campbell
Brendan McLearie
1420 Intelligent Hybrid Architecture for Tourism Services Ana Almeida  PORTUGAL
Authors: A. Almeida, B. Coelho & C. Martins 
1430   1430  
1600 Panel:
New technology enabled business models - those that will succeed and those that will fail
Moderator: Michael Rosemann
Chris Lane
Graeme Wood
John Puttick
Paul Greenberg
John Passfield
George Fidler
1600 Exer-Learning Games: Transferring Hopscotch from the schoolyard to the classroom Martina Lucht  GERMANY
Authors: M. Lucht, S. Domagk & M. Mohring 
1600 Task Migration for Fault-Tolerant FlexRay Networks Kay Klobedanz  GERMANY
Authors: K. Klobedanz, G. B. Defo, H. Zabel, W. Mueller & Y. Zhi
1600 Invited speaker:
The emerging anatomy of eCommerce architectures: challenges and opportunities in integration and interoperability  Mark Fox  CANADA 
1600 Trust infrastructures for future energy networks Nicolai Kuntze  GERMANY 

Wireless networks

                    1520 Closing remarks

1445 Knowledge-Based Geo-Risk Assessment for an Intelligent Measurement System Tanja Vicovac  AUSTRIA
Authors: T. Vicovac, A. Reiterer, U. Egly, T. Eiter & D. Rieke-Zapp 
1500   1500  

1625 Social Relationships as a Means for Identifying an Individual in Large Information Spaces Michal Barla  SLOVAKIA
Authors: K. Kostková, M. Barla, & M. Bieliková 
1630 Flexible and Dynamic Replication Control for Interdependent Distributed Real-Time Embedded Systems Luis Nogueira  PORTUGAL
Authors: L. Nogueira, L. M. Pinho & J. Coelho
1640 Discussion 1630 Very-high level authentication and identity for the future Christophe Kiennert  FRANCE 

1600 The Role and Future Challenges of Wireless Communication Networks for Cooperative Autonomous City Vehicles Andrei Furda  AUSTRALIA 
1530 Afternoon tea                    

1510 Discussion

1700 Leveraging Trusted Network Connect for Secure Connection of Mobile Devices to Corporate Networks  Kai-Oliver Detken  GERMANY 

1630  Ahmed Khan  AUSTRALIA 

1700 WiFi NG versus 4G in 2015 Guy Pujolle  FRANCE 
1600 Technical ICTD - a user centered lifecycle Christian Janiesch  GERMANY
Authors: J. Dörflinger & T. Gros

1630 Discussion