Wednesday 22 September 2010

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900 Congress plenary keynote
Session chair: Nick Tate

  John Suffolk UNITED KINGDOM                                                                

  Shifting the paradigm of Government ICT.  How do you maximise the reality behind technology such as Cloud computing yet still retain the balance between localism and centralisation                                                

1000 Morning tea                                                                    

Industry Session

ICT leading change through innovation

Mobile & web applications

Case-based reasoning/planning & scheduling

Distributed architectures & design support


Software Security and Assurance

Overview and Modelling

Session 6

HCC9: 1
Ethics & ICT governance

Interactive Media and Digital Art


1030 Keynote speaker 1030 Keynote presentation: 
Technological Challenges for New Service Models in Developing Countries 
Aruna Seneviratne  AUSTRALIA
1030 IP3 - International Professional Practice Partnership. Transforming Professional Practice. Who are we? What are we doing? What next?   Greg Lane
Roger Hart
Moira de Roche
1030 Any3 connectivity - Anywhere, Any place, Any time   Todd McGregor  AUSTRALIA 1030 Change today & tomorrow: What the future holds for CIOs  Kumar Parakala  INDIA 1030 Wonder, Sorcery, and Technology: Contribute to the History of Medieval Robotics Nadia Ambrosetti  ITALY
Authors: N. Ambrosetti
1030 Generating exploratory search interfaces for the Semantic Web Michal Tvarozek  SLOVAKIA
Authors: M. Tvarozek & M. Bieliková 
1030 A Case-based Approach to Business Process Monitoring Stefania Montani  ITALY
Authors: S.  Montani & G. Leonardi 
1030 Invited talk:
Full abstraction for safety and liveness properties
Rob Van Glabbeek   AUSTRALIA 
1030 Dependency-Driven Distribution of Synchronous Programs Daniel Baudisch  GERMANY
Authors: D. Baudisch, J. Brandt & K. Schneider
1030 Educational Management Challenges for the 21st Century Ann Wilson  SPAIN
Authors: F. R. Tarragó & A. E. Wilson
1030 A Dynamic and Ubiquitous Smart Card Security Assurance and Validation Mechanism Raja Naeem Akram  UNITED KINGDOM
Authors: R. N. Akram, K. Markantonakis & K. Mayes
1030 Opening remarks;                  Keynote presentation:                     Up-dated Topics in Healthcare Informatics Hiroshi Takeda JAPAN 1030 Digital Business Ecosystem Tools as Interoperability Drivers Maria Raffai  HUNGARY  1030 The demographic factors affecting university students' intention to pirate software Linda Spark  SOUTH AFRICA
Authors: L. Spark

1030 Interactivity in games: the player's engagement Stephane Natkin  FRANCE
Authors: S. Natkin 
1030 Keynote presentation: 
Technological Challenges for New Service Models in Developing Countries 
Aruna Seneviratne  AUSTRALIA

    1050 Exploring the Digital Divide in Maldives Mohamed Shareef  MACAO, SAR OF CHINA
Authors: M. Shareef, A. Ojo & T. Janowski

1115 Panel discussion (Webinar): IT Professional Certification - what does Industry want & why
Panel chair: Stephen Ibaraki Panellists: Graham Jones
Jeff Kempiners
Alex YQ Lin
Tan Moorthy
John Oxley
Graham Watson
Joanne Wong
1100 Network of the Future - Australia’s NBN - an International Comparison of Approach  Reg Coutts  AUSTRALIA 1100 ICT Leadership & Governance: Building a resilient organisation in a rapidly changing world  Mark Toomey  AUSTRALIA 1100 The Monash University Museum of Computing History: Ten Years On Judy Sheard  AUSTRALIA
Authors: B. Ainsworth, J. Sheard & C. Avram
1100 Can Adaptive Interfaces Improve the Usability of Mobile Applications? Janet Wesson  SOUTH AFRICA
Authors: J. L. Wesson, A. Singh & B. van Tonder
1055 A survey on the dynamic scheduling problem in astronomical observations Matias Mora  CHILE
Authors: M. Mora & M. Solar 
1100 Distributed Resource-Aware Scheduling for Multi-Core Architectures with SystemC Achim Rettberg  GERMANY
Authors: P. A. Hartmann, K. Grüttner, A. Rettberg & I. Podolski
1100 In Search of the Affective Subject Interacting in the ROODA Virtual Learning Environment Patricia Behar BRAZIL
Authors: M. T. Longhi, P. A. Behar & M. Bercht 
1100 On-the-fly Inlining of Dynamic Security Monitors Alejandro Russo  SWEDEN
Authors: J. Magazinius, A. Russo & A. Sabelfeld
1100 The HL7 RIM in the design and implementation of an Information System for Clinical Investigations on Medical Devices  Fabrizio Pecoraro  ITALY
Authors: D. Luzi, M. Contenti & F. Pecoraro         
1100 XML in enterprise systems: its roles and benefits Jaroslav Pokorny  CZECH REPUBLIC  1110 Balancing Public and Private Interests in ICT Standardisation: the Case of AVS in China  Junbin Su  PR CHINA
Authors: J. Su & V. V. Fomin
    1100 Opening the Can: Public Interaction with Ready-made Contents Philippe Codognet  JAPAN
Authors: S. Dubnov & P. Codognet 

1115 Keynote speaker 1120 Case-based decision support in time dependent medical domains Stefania Montani  ITALY
Authors: S. Montani 
1120 Recommendation of Learning Objects Applying Collaborative Filtering and Competencies Patricia Behar  BRAZIL
Authors: S. C. Cazella, E. B. Reategui & P. Behar
  1120 Two human-centred approaches to health informatics: Cognitive systems engineering and usability Tania Xiao  AUSTRALIA
Authors: T. Xiao, W. Broxham, C. Stitzlein, J. Croll & P. Sanderson  

1130 Semantic clustering in wireless sensor networks Flavia Delicato  BRAZIL
Authors: A. R. da Rocha, I. Leão, L.Pirmez, F. Delicato, D. G. Gomes & J. N. de Souza
1130 Panel:
The trouble with networks
Simon Kaplan
Hosted by QUT
David Barbagallo
Peter Grant
Tim Smeallie
Dallas Stower
1130 Success or Failure Relies on Innovative Governance and Change Management: A case study on the largest logistics and supply chain ERP roll-out in Australia this year   Peter Lambert  AUSTRALIA 1130 The many dimensions of Kristen Nygaard, creator of Object-Oriented Programming and the Scandinavian School of System Development Drude Berntsen  NORWAY
Authors: D. Berntsen, K. Elgsaas & H.  Hegna
1130 Video Game Design for Mobile Phones Jaime Sanchez  CHILE
Authors: J. Sanchez & M. Espinoza
1135 Solving the Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem and the Split Delivery using GRASP Metaheuristic Manuel Tupia  PERU
Authors: J. G. Suárez & M. T. Anticona 
1130 Pi calculus

Proof system for applied Pi calculus Jia Liu  PR CHINA 
Authors: J. Liu & H. Lin 
1130 A Robust Partitioned Scheduling for Real-Time Multiprocessor Systems Frederic Fauberteau  FRANCE
Authors: F. Fauberteau, S. Midonnet & L. George
1140 Design & Development of Virtual Learning Environment using Open Source Virtual World Technology Patricia Reynolds  UNITED KINGDOM
Authors: S. Suman, A. Amini, B. Elson & P. Reynolds
1130 A Metric-Based Scheme for Evaluating Tamper Resistant Software Systems Hongxia Jin  USA
Authors: H. Jin, & G. Myles
1130 Software Interoperability Tools: Standardized Capability-Profiling Methodology ISO16100  Michiko Matsuda  JAPAN  1130 The European VCD service: facilitating public procurement through criteria to evidence mapping Maria Wimmer  GERMANY
Authors: A. Mondorf &  M. A. Wimmer
    1130 Emotional Expression of Korean Dance Assisted by a Virtual Environment System Jong Il Park  KOREA
Authors: T. Uhm, H. Park, M. Lee, U. Kim & J. Park
1130 Semantic clustering in wireless sensor networks Flavia Delicato  BRAZIL
Authors: A. R. da Rocha, I. Leão, L.Pirmez, F. Delicato, D. G. Gomes & J. N. de Souza

  1150 Discussion   1140 A Step Towards Medical Ethics Modeling  Jose Machado PORTUGAL
Authors: J. Machado, M. Miranda, A. Abelha, J. Neves & G. Pontes   
1150 Money laundering and FATF compliance by the international community George Mohay AUSTRALIA
Authors: A. Alkaabi, G. Mohay, A. McCullagh & N. Chantler

1200 Panel 1200 1200 Integrated Court System (ICS) Malaysia: An ICT innovation success in Judicial sector  Tan Sri Richard Malanjum  MALAYSIA 1200 Projects and activities of the IPSJ computer history committee Eiiti Wada  JAPAN
Authors: E. Wada
1200 Discussion 1200 Concurrent pattern calculus Thomas Given-Wilson  AUSTRALIA
Authors: T. Given-Wilson, D. Gorla & B. Jay  
1200 An Infrastructure for Flexible Runtime Reconfigurable Multi-Microcontroller Systems Claudius Stern  GERMANY
Authors: C. Stern, P. Adelt, M. Schmitz, L. Kleinjohann & B. Kleinjohann 
1200 A Theoretical Framework to Foster Digital Literacy: The Case of Digital Learning Resources Said Hadjerrouit  NORWAY
Authors: S. Hadjerrouit
1200 Evaluation of the Offensive Approach in Information Security Education Martin Mink  GERMANY
Authors: M. Mink & R. Greifeneder
1200 Overview of the health informatics research field: A bibliometric approach  Hai-Ning Liang  AUSTRALIA
Authors: H. Liang  
1200 Discussion 1210 Discussion     1200 Emotion as a Communication Medium between the Unconscious and the Conscious  Matthias Rauterberg  THE NETHERLANDS
Authors: M. Rauterberg 
1200 C3TO: a scalable architecture for mobile tutoring over cell phones Reinhardt Botha  SOUTH AFRICA
Authors: L. Butgereit & R. A. Botha

  1220 More for Less - Live Systems Learning Andy Schaer  SWITZERLAND
Authors: A. Schaer 
  1220 Discussion  

1230 Lunch                                                                    

Pearcey Foundation roundtable debate
sponsored by CSIRO and NICTA
  WCITD   IP3   DeliverIT             Industry Session   SEARCC   HC   HCI
Epistemology, Emotions and Personalization

Intelligent systems engineering
Logic & topology
  BICC    KCKS   SEC   E-Health                  1) EPR                        2) Network & Security   EAI2N
  HCC9: 1
Ethics & ICT governance
      ECS                       Theoretical / Conceptual Basis of Cultural Computing   WCITD

1330   1330 Wireless mesh networks for infrastructure deficient areas Roman Seibel  GERMANY
Authors: R. Seibel, N. Klann & T. Waage
1330 Global perspectives on ICT Professionalism  Don Robertson & Niko Schlamberger 1330 Wireless innovation in Australia  Max Jennings  AUSTRALIA 1330 NBN: The future Sen Stephen Conroy  AUSTRALIA 1330 Contested Histories: De-mythologising the early history of modern British Computing. David Anderson  UNITED KINGDOM
Authors: D. Anderson
1330 EPISOSE: An Epistemology-based Social Search Framework for Exploratory Information Seeking Haifeng Shen    AUSTRALIA
Authors: Y. Mao, H. Shen & C. Sun
1330 Combining Determinism and Intuition through Univariate Decision Strategies for Target Detection from Multi-Sensors Edwin El-Mahassni  AUSTRALIA
Authors: E.  El-Mahassni  
1330 Initial segment complexities of randomness notions Rupert Hölzl  GERMANY
Authors: R. Hšlzl, T. KrŠling, F. Stephan & G. Wu 
1330 Model Checking the Ant Colony Optimisation Flavio Wagner  BRAZIL
Authors: L. Duarte, L. Foss, F. Wagner & T. Heimfarth 
1330 Working with wikis: Collaborative writing in the 21st century Katina Zammit  AUSTRALIA
Authors: K. Zammit 
1330 Panel: Research Methodologies in Information Security Research: The Road Ahead

Johan van Niekerk Louise Yngstrom
1330 Testing for Usability is not enough: Why Clinician Acceptance of Health Information Systems is also crucial for successful implementation  Jasmine Croll  AUSTRALIA
Authors: J. Croll 
1330 Value added by interoperable information systems in spread production networks Dirk Oedekoven  GERMANY  1330 Ethical governance for emerging ICTS: opening cognitive framing and achieving reflexivity Philippe Goujon  BELGIUM
Authors: P. Goujon & C. Flick 
   Free 1330 Cultural computing - how to investigate a form of unconscious user experience in mixed realities Matthias Rauterberg  THE NETHERLANDS
Authors: M. Rauterberg, J. Hu & G. Langereis 
1330 Wireless mesh networks for infrastructure deficient areas Roman Seibel  GERMANY
Authors: R. Seibel, N. Klann & T. Waage

1345 Welcome and introductions
1355 We Constructed 50 Years ago the First Hungarian Tube Computer, the M-3. Short stories from the History of the first Hungarian Computers (1950-1960) Gyozo Kovacs  HUNGARY
Authors: G. Kovacs
1350 Are Wikis and Weblogs an appropriate approach to foster collaboration, reflection and students' motivation? Christian Schmidt  GERMANY
Authors: M. Krebs, C. Schmidt, M. Henninger, M. Ludwig & W. Müller
1350 Towards Characteristics of Lifelong Health Records  Eldridge Van Der Westhuizen  SOUTH AFRICA
Authors: E. Van Der Westhuizen & D. Pottas  
1350 Discussion      

1400 Establishing low cost aquatic monitoring networks for developing countries Jarrod Trevathan  AUSTRALIA
Authors: J. Trevathan, I. Aitkinson, W. Read, R. Johnstone, N.Bajema & J. McGeachin
1400 Social networking in the enterprise   Benjamin Patey  AUSTRALIA 1400 Regional Industry Leaders Forum:
Growing our next generation of technology greats
Caroline New
Sen Stephen Conroy Paul Raymond Henderson YB Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Dr George Chan Hong Nam Shri Sachin Pilot SV Raghavan
1400 Artificial Emotion Generation based on Personality, Mood, and Emotion for Life-like Facial Expressions of Robots Jeong Woo Park  REPUBLIC OF KOREA
Authors:J. W. Park, W. H. Kim, W. H. Lee & M. J. Chung
1355 A UML Profile Oriented to the Requirements Modeling in Intelligent Tutoring Systems Projects Gilleanes Guedes  BRAZIL
Authors: G. T. A. Guedes & R.  M. Vicari 
1400 Topologies refining the Cantor topology on X^{\omega} Ludwig Staiger  GERMANY
Authors: S. Schwarz & L. Staiger  
1400 Feature Selection for Classification Using an Ant System Approach Nadia Abd-Alsabour  AUSTRALIA
Authors: N. Abd-Alsabour 
1410 Use of Graph2Go in m-learning: a view from the pedagogical model Patricia Behar  BRAZIL
Authors: S. Batista, P. Behar & L. Passerino
1400 1400 Pragmatic interoperability: a systematic review of published definitions Camlon Asuncion  NETHERLANDS  1400 Panel:
Moderator: John Weckert
Ethics of computing: insights into today's key issues
  1400 Machine-made puzzles and hand-made puzzles Hiroshi Higashida  JAPAN
Authors: Hiroshi Higashida
1400 Establishing low cost aquatic monitoring networks for developing countries Jarrod Trevathan  AUSTRALIA
Authors: J. Trevathan, I. Aitkinson, W. Read, R. Johnstone, N.Bajema & J. McGeachin

1415 Presentations from 6 research leaders 1420 Anatoly Kitov - pioneer of Russian informatics Vladimir Kitov & Valery Shilov  RUSSIA
Authors: V. Kitov & V. Shilov 
1420 Learning by Collaboration in Intelligent Autonomous Systems Jorge Ierache  ARGENTINA
Authors: J. Lerache, R. García-Martínez & A. De Giusti 
1410 Physicians’ Concept of Time Usage - A Key Concern in EPR Deployment  Rebecka Janols  SWEDEN
Authors: R. Janols, B. Göransson, E. Borälv & B. Sandblad   

1430 Infrastructure and business model for universal broadband access in developing regions: the Ceara State Digital Belt Fernando Carvalhol  BRAZIL
Authors: F. Carvalho & M.Fernandez
1430 Seoul Accord & ICT Education  Joe Turner 1430 Social networking in the enterprise Business Change  Damian Hickey  AUSTRALIA 1430 Stress free technology: Lessons from a spiritual master   Ajahn Brahm  AUSTRALIA 1430 Human error categorization: An extension to classical proposals applied to electrical systems operations Daniel Scherer  BRAZIL
Authors: D. Scherer, M. de F. Q. Vieira & J. A. do N. Neto
1430 Traceable sets Rupert Hölzl  GERMANY
Authors: R. Hšlzl & W. Merkle  
1430 Novelty-Aware Attack Recognition - Intrusion Detection With Organic Computing Techniques Dominik Fisch  GERMANY
Authors: D. Fisch, F. Kastl & B.Sick
1430 ALEF: A Framework for Adaptive Web-based Learning 2.0  Michal Barla SLOVAKIA
Authors: M. Šimko, M. Barla & M. Bieliková
1430 1430 Oshidori-Net: Connecting regional EPR systems to achieve secure mutual reference with thin-client computing technology  Shigeki Kuwata  JAPAN
Authors: S. Kuwata, K. Toda, K. Teramoto, H. Kondoh, N. Tamura & M. Ikeguchi   
1430 Discussion   1430 Cultural computing: creative power integrating culture, unconsciousness and software Naoko Tosa  JAPAN
Authors: N. Tosa 
1430 Infrastructure and business model for universal broadband access in developing regions: the Ceara State Digital Belt Fernando Carvalhol  BRAZIL
Authors: F. Carvalho & M.Fernandez

1445 Materiel Command and the Materiality of Commands: An Historical Examination of the US Air Force, Control Data Corporation, and the Advanced Logistics System  Jeffrey Yost  USA
Authors: J. Yost
1445 Theoretical Model of User Acceptance: in the view of Measuring Success in Web Personalization Mohd Afandi Md Amin  AUSTRALIA
Authors: M. A. M. Amin & R. Nayak
1445 Discussion 1450 Integration of a Video Annotation Tool into a coactive Learning and Working Environment  Johannes Magenheim GERMANY
Authors: J. Magenheim, W. Reinhardt, A. Roth, M. Moi & D. Engbring
1450 Information Security Sharing of Network Medical Organizations: Case Study of Remote Diagnostic Imaging  Masayo Fujimoto  JAPAN
Authors: M. Fujimoto, K. Takeda, T. Honma, T. Kawazoe, N. Aida, H. Hagiwara & H. Sugimoto  
1440 Panel:                           Interoperability    

1500 ICT driven knowledge management in developing countries: a case study in a Chinese organisation Siraj Shaikh  UNITED KINGDOM
Authors: J. Ton & S. A. Shaikh
1500 Brisbane Declaration - pathways to more inclusive IP3 Greg Lane & IP3 Team Members 1500 The Rise of Business as a Virtual Machine - and the death of IT  Simon Kaplan  AUSTRALIA   1510 Purpose-Built Educational Computers in the 1980s: the Australian Experience Arthur Tatnall  AUSTRALIA
Authors: A.Tatnall & R. Leonard 
1500 Discussion 1500 On symbolic representations of maximum matchings and (un)directed graphs Beate Bollig  GERMANY
Authors: B. Bollig  
1500 Evolutionary-Computation Based Risk Assessment of Aircraft Landing Sequencing Algorithms Wenjing Zhao  AUSTRALIA
Authors: W. Zhao, J. Tang, S. Alam & A. Bender 
1510 Assessment of knowledge and competencies in 3D virtual worlds: a proposal Carlos Delgado Kloos  SPAIN
Authors: M. B. Ibáñez, R. M. Crespo & C. D. Kloos
1500 1510 A Secure Framework and Related Protocols for Ubiquitous Access to Electronic Health Records Using Java SIM Cards  Reza Hassanzadeh  AUSTRALIA
Authors: R. Hassanzadeh, T. Sahama & C. Fidge
    1500 Entertainment and its future Ryohei Nakatsu SINGAPORE
Authors: R. Nakatsu 
1500 ICT driven knowledge management in developing countries: a case study in a Chinese organisation Siraj Shaikh  UNITED KINGDOM
Authors: J. Ton & S. A. Shaikh

  1520 Closing  

1530 Afternoon tea                                                                    

Pearcey Foundation roundtable debate   WCITD      
  SEARCC                       KCKS       E-Health Data Analysis and Mining                    WCITD

1600 Debating session
3 x 12 mins plus discussions
1600 Technical ICTD - a user centered lifecycle Christian Janiesch  GERMANY
Authors: J. Dörflinger & T. Gros
        1600 ICT enabling Next Generation Government Sumeet Kumar AUSTRALIA                     1600 Teaching practice from the perspective of ICT student teachers at the Faculty of Education, Charles University in Prague Miroslava Cernochova  CZECH REPUBLIC
Authors: M. Cernochova
    1600 Capturing and Analyzing Injection Processes with Point of Act System for improving quality and productivity of health service administration  Atsushi Koshio  JAPAN
Authors: A. Koshio & M. Akiyama 
                1600 Technical ICTD - a user centered lifecycle Christian Janiesch GERMANY Authors: J. Dörflinger & T. Gros

                              1620 eExaminations development and acceptance Andrew Fluck  AUSTRALIA
Authors: A. E. Fluck
    1620 Analysis on data captured by the barcode medication administration system with PDA for reducing medical error at point of care in Japanese Red Cross Kochi Hospital  Masanori Akiyama  JAPAN
Authors: M. Akiyama, A. Koshio & N. Kaihotsu

1630 Discussion         1630 Innovation and Technology: Securing our future John Grant  AUSTRALIA                     1640 Twitter Q&A     1640 Blended clustering for health data mining  Arshad Muhammad Maher  AUSTRALIA
Authors: A. Mehar, A. Maeder, K. Matawie & A. Ginige 
                1630 Discussion




1700 Sessions conclude                                                                  

1715 Pearcey roundtable concludes                                                                

1900 Congress dinner - Plaza Ballroom (Awards and 50 year IFIP celebrations) + PEARCEY awards