Tuesday 21 September 2010

Tuesday 21 September GH1&2   GH2   PTR
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History of Computing
0700 - 0930
ACS Women's Breakfast (Room M3) - Where are all the women in ICT?
Congress plenary keynote
Session chair: Nick Tate
                       0700 - 0930 ACS Women's Breakfast                                
  Nicholas Carr  USA
  Bringing the Cloud Down to Earth                                                                
1000 Morning tea                                                                  

Learn IT / KCKS
Vendor presentations
Value IT        industry session
DeliverIT       Industry Session
GovernIT        industry session:        ISACA
Learn IT
industry session

Usable systems

Data mining & machine learning

Verification & Validation

Network Security & Authentication

HCC9: 3
Surveillance & privacy

Session 4

Back-end transformation

Virtualisation & routing

Industry stream

Creative Computing 1
1030 Keynote: Computers for Schoolchildren: A Busted Flush?  Sir John Daniel  CANADA 1030 1030 What are the "big" issues in IP in relation to computing technology?  Ralf Abbing  THE NETHERLANDS 1030 Delivering a Responsive Technology Capability using Virtualisation and Clouds  Nick Brant  AUSTRALIA 1030 Governing IT to Maximise Business Value... Going Up a Gear on Value Governance  Peter Harrison  AUSTRALIA     1030 Towards a Usability Coaching Method for Introducing Usability in Organisations Asa Cajander  SWEDEN
Authors: Å. Cajander, E. Eriksson & J. Gulliksen
1030 J-PMCRI: A Methodology for Inducing Pre-Pruned Modular Classification Rules Max Bramer  UNITED KINGDOM
Authors: F. Stahl, M. Bramer & M. Adda 
1030 Invited talk:
On the relation between adaptive side-channel attacks and information theory Catuscia Palamidessi FRANCE Authors: C. Palamidessi Chair: Sabina Rossi
1030 Generation of Executable Testbenches from Natural Language Requirement Specifications for Embedded Real-Time Systems Wolfgang Mueller  GERMANY
Authors: W. Mueller, A. Bol, A. Krupp & O. Lundkvist 
    1030 Understanding Domain Registration Abuses Scott Coull  UNITED STATES
Authors: S. Coull, A. White, T. Yen, F. Monrose & M. Reiter
1030 Civil society must publish standards documents Roger Clarke  AUSTRALIA
Authors: R. Clarke
1030 A Metamodel for Enterprise Architecture Peter Bernus  AUSTRALIA  1030 Transformative and Innovative e-Government for the Next Generation: Linkages of Back Offices for One-stop Portal Osamu Sudoh  JAPAN
Authors: O. Sudoh & Y. Kinoshita
1030 OpenFlow and Xen-Based Virtual Network Migration Otto Duarte  BRAZIL  1030 The Power of the True Alan Perkins AUSTRALIA 1030 Haptic Carillon: a computationally enhanced mechanical performing instrument Fazel Naghdy  AUSTRALIA
Authors: M. Havryliv, F. Naghdy, G. Schiemer & T. Hurd 
  1050 Citizen surveillance of the State: a mirror for eGovernment? Jeroen Verplanke  THE NETHERLANDS
Authors: J. Verplanke & J. Martinez, G. Miscione, Y. Georgiadou, D. Coleman & A. W.Hassan
1100 1100 Project Connect: Learnings from an Innovative Go To Market for Telecommunications Services  Daniel Beecham  AUSTRALIA 1100 The Datacenter as we know it today is dead!  Victor Medici  AUSTRALIA 1100 The Impact of IT Governance on Internal Firm Process Performance and overall Firm Performance  Peter Green  AUSTRALIA     1100 The Focus on Usability in Testing Practices in Industry Marta Larusdottir  ICELAND
Authors: M. Larusdottir,  E. Run Bjarnadottir & J. Gulliksen 
1055 Enhancement of Infrequent Purchased Product Recommendation Using Data Mining Techniques Noraswaliza Abdullah  AUSTRALIA
Authors: N. Abdullah, Y.X u, S. Geva, & M. Looi  
1100 Model Checking of Concurrent Algorithms: From Java to C Cyrille Artho  JAPAN
Authors: C. Artho, M. Hagiya, W. Leungwattanakit, Y. Tanabe & M. Yamamoto
1100 Who On Earth is "Mr Cypher": Automated Friend Injection Attacks on Social Networking Sites  Markus Huber  AUSTRIA
Authors: M. Huber, M. Mulazzani & E. Weippl
1110 Privacy enhanced fraud resistant road pricing Jaap-Henk Hoepman  THE NETHERLANDS
Authors: J. Hoepman & G. Huitema
1100 Communication as a Crucial Element for Enterprise Architecture Management in Virtual Organization Taivo Kangilaski  ESTONIA  1100 The Influence of Resource Dependency Tolerance on Inter-Organisational Alliance Governance Mark Borman  AUSTRALIA
Authors: M. Borman 
1100   1100 3D geometric and haptic modelling of handwoven textile artefacts Fazel Naghdy  AUSTRALIA
Authors: H. Shidanshidi, F. Naghdy, G. Naghdy & D. Wood Conroy 
1115 Panel: Personalisation of Learning – Are We There Yet?


Julian Dermoudy

Panellists: Sir John Daniel
Steve Hargadon
Evan Arthur
Tony Brandenberg
Bernard Cornu
  1120 A Machine Learning Approach to Predicting Winning Patterns in Track Cycling Omnium  Bahadorreza Ofoghi  AUSTRALIA
Authors: B. Ofoghi, J. Zeleznikow, C. MacMahon & D. Dwyer 
1120 Use of ICT to Assist Students with Learning Difficulties: An Actor-Network Analysis Tas Adam   AUSTRALIA
Authors: T. Adam & A. Tatnall  
1130 1130 Information-Driven Business: How to Manage Data and Information for Maximum Advantage  Robert Hillard AUSTRALIA  1130 Is your organisation instrument-rated to fly in the Cloud?  Rob Livingstone  AUSTRALIA 1130 Information Management - Through the Eyes of a Chief Internal Auditor  Bruce Turner  AUSTRALIA     1130 Added Value of Eye Tracking in Usability Studies: Expert and Non-expert Participants Judy Van Biljon  SOUTH AFRICA
Authors: M. C. Pretorius, J. van Biljon & E. de Kock
1130 Text processing
Chair: Gilles Dowek

Online dictionary matching for streams of XML documents Panu Silvasti FINLAND
Authors: P. Silvasti, S. Sippu & E. Soisalon-Soininen 
1130 Integrate Online Model Checking into Distributed Reconfigurable System on Chip with Adaptable OS Services Sufyan Samara  GERMANY
Authors: S. Samara, Y. Zhao & F. Rammig
1130 Authentic Refinement of Semantically Enhanced Policies in Pervasive Systems Julian Schütte  GERMANY
Authors: J. Schütte, N. Kuntze, A. A. Fuchs & A. Badii 
1130 Privacy in distributed commercial applications Nicolai Kuntze  GERMANY
Authors: N. Kuntze & C. Rudolph
1130 Discussion 1130 Content Management as the Center of a Shared Service Center Implementation: A US Public Sector Case Study Marijn Janssen  NETHERLANDS
Authors: A. Joha & M. Janssen
1130 Virtual Network Urbanization Guy Pujolle  FRANCE  1130   1130 Pocket Gamelan: realizations of a microtonal composition on a Linux phone using open source music synthesis software Greg Schiemer   AUSTRALIA
Authors: G. Schiemer, E. Deleflie & E. Cheng 
  1145 Discussion 1150 Making computer learning easier for older adults: a community study of tuition practices Michael Nycyk  AUSTRALIA
Authors: M. Nycyk & M. Redsell
1150 Panel: Future of enterprise architecture    
1200 1200 IT Value in the Next Decade  Peter Nevin  AUSTRALIA 1200 Cloudy with a chance of latency: WAN acceleration for cloud computing  Steve Dixon  AUSTRALIA 1200 IT Governance, Fad, Fact or Fiction?  Tony Hayes AUSTRALIA 1200 Revitalising mathematics education with spreadsheets Steve Sugden  AUSTRALIA 1200 Supporting the Spreadsheet Idea for Interactive Database Applications Thomas Hasart  GERMANY
Authors: M. Gleichmann, T. Hasart, I. Bruder & P. Forbrig
1200 TBA 1200 Efficient Mutation-Analysis Coverage for Constrained Random Verification Tao Xie  GERMANY
Authors: T. Xie, W. Mueller & F. Letombe
1210 Home access: Providing computers to families via a national strategy Eva Dakich  AUSTRALIA
Authors: N. Yelland, G. Neal & E. Dakich 
1200 Mobile Qualified Server Signature Clemens Orthacker  AUSTRIA
Authors: C. Orthacker, M. Centner & C. Kittl 
1150 Trends of privacy and surveillance in the information society Klaus Brunnstein  GERMANY
Authors: K. Brunnstein 
1200 Discussion 1200 New Routing Paradigms for the Next Internet Djamel Sadok  BRAZIL  1200   1200 Creating memory:  reading a patching language  Michael Barkl  AUSTRALIA
Authors: M. Barkl  
1230 Lunch                                                                  


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DeliverIT       Industry Session
GovernIT        industry session:        ISACA
Learn IT
industry session

Social and cultural problems

Neural nets & fuzzy logic


Code-generation, simulation & timing analysis

Intrusion Detection, Trust Management, and Models

HCC9: Track 3
Surveillance & privacy

Session 5

New applications


History of Computing (HC)
ECS           Creative Computing 2
1330 Panel: Implications of the Cloud - The Next Frontier
Moderator: Peter Fritz Panellists: Nicholas Carr,
Mike Rothery,
Sabeena Oberoi,
Alan Perkins,
Leo Silver
Nick Tate
1330 1330 Panel session: ICT & politics
Joel Nation
Kevin Landale
Miles Blicharz
1330 Panel:                         Implications of the Cloud - The Next Frontier
Nicholas Carr
(Plenary Session in GH1)
1330 Taming government ICT investment through enterprise architecture and ICT policy Alan Chapman  AUSTRALIA 1330 Implementation of the Digital Education Revolution  Evan Arthur  AUSTRALIA 1330 What is culture? Toward common understandings of culture in HCI Anette Loftstrom  SWEDEN
Authors: A. Loftstrom                                                              
1330 Learning Motor Control by Dancing YMCA Rikke Amilde Lovlid  NORWAY
Authors: R. A. Løvlid 
1330 The duality of computation under focus Pierre-Louis Curien  FRANCE
Authors: P. Curien & G. Munch-Maccagnoni 
1330 Generating VHDL source code from UML models of embedded systems Marco Wehrmeister   BRAZIL
Authors: T. G. Moreira, M. A. Wehrmeister, C. E. Pereira, J. Pétin & E. Levrat  
1330 Human Development Process and Informatics Education in 21st Cenurty Toshinori Saito  JAPAN
Authors: T. Saito
1330 Fraud Detection in ERP Systems using Scenario Matching Malcolm Corney  AUSTRALIA
Authors: A. K. Islam, M. Corney, G. Mohay, A. Clark, S. Bracher, T. Raub & U. Flegel
1330 Panel:
Privacy …going, going, gone?                       Moderator: Renato Iannella AUSTRALIA

Malcolm Crompton AUSTRALIA
Kai Rannenberg GERMANY
Linda Matthews AUSTRALIA
Roger Clarke AUSTRALIA                                          Anna Sharpe AUSTRALIA
1330 Semantic harmonization for  seamless networked SCP in the future of internet Ricardo Jardim-Goncalves  PORTUGAL  1330 Process Modeling Semantics for Complex Business Environments Igor Hawryszkiewicz  AUSTRALIA
Authors: I. Hawryszkiewicz
1330 Interconnection of Optical Metro Ring Networks: End-to-End Performance Tulin Atmaca  FRANCE  1330 Keynote:
An illustrated history of early Australian computing 
1330 The promise of fuzzy logic in generalised music composition Wendy Suiter  AUSTRALIA
Authors: W. Suiter 
  1350 Intentions to Pursue a Career in Information Systems and Technology: An Empirical Study of South African Students Jason Cohen  SOUTH AFRICA
Authors: J. F. Cohen & P. Parsotam
1400 1400 How to become the Number One in your ICT Career? - Advice from CareerOne!  Kate Southam AUSTRALIA 1400 Making the Most of Wireless Networks - Use existing infrastructure to deliver vital services to the point of demand  Maree Adshead  AUSTRALIA 1400 The VCE IT Curriculum and the importance of IT in the National Curriculum  Adrian Janson  AUSTRALIA 1400 Personalized Support, Guidance, and Feedback by Embedded Assessment and Reasoning: What we can Learn from Educational Computer Games Michael Kickmeier-Rust  AUSTRIA
Authors: M. Kickmeier-Rust & D. Albert 
1355 Analysis and Comparison of Probability Transformations for Fusing Sensors with Uncertain Detection Performance Edwin El-Mahassni  AUSTRALIA
Authors: E. El-Mahassni, S. Davey & J. Legg  
1400 Polarised resolution modulo Gilles Dowek  FRANCE
Authors: G. Dowek 
1400 RACE: A Rapid, ArChitectural Simulation and Synthesis Framework for Embedded Processors Sri Parameswaran  AUSTRALIA
Authors: R. Ragel, A. Ambrose, J. Peddersen & S. Parameswaran
1410 Informatics Systems and Modeling - Case Studies of Expert Interviews Johannes Magenheim  GERMANY
Authors: L. Lehner, J. Magenheim, W. Nelles, T. Rhode, N. Schaper, S. Schubert & P. Stechert
Use of IP Addresses for High Rate Flooding Attack Detection Ejaz Ahmed AUSTRALIA
Authors: E. Ahmed, G. Mohay, A. Tickle & S. Bhatia 
1400 A Role-involved Conditional Purpose-based Access Control Model Md Enamul Kabir  AUSTRALIA
Authors: M. Enamul Kabir, H. Wang & E. Bertino
1400 A Relative Bandwidth Allocation Method Enabling Fast Convergence in XCP Le Hieu Hanh  JAPAN  1400 Structuralism, attitude and the computer: questioning the notion of 'cultural computing' Warren Burt  AUSTRALIA
Authors: W. Burt
1415 Keynote speaker   1420 Speaker Verification System using a Hierarchical Adaptive Network-based Fuzzy Inference Systems (HANFIS) Zohreh Soozanchi  IRAN
Authors: K.  Zohreh Soozanchi , R. Mohammad, T. Akbarzadeh, M. Yaghoobi, & S. Rahati 
1410 Learning Interoperability in Emerging Supplier Networks Georg Weichhart  AUSTRIA 
1430 1430 The Evolution of the IT Professional  Chris Scullin AUSTRALIA 1430 Quantifying Cloud Readiness: An implementer’s perspective  Dharmender Kapoor  INDIA              
1430 The Value of IT Governance - Stories from the Trenches  Catherine Blunt  AUSTRALIA 1430 Aligning existing digital learning resources and systems with the Australian curriculum  Jerry Leeson  AUSTRALIA 1430 Investigating Sociability and Affective Responses of Elderly Users through Digitally-Mediated Exercises: A Case of the Nintendo Wii  Yin-Leng Theng  SINGAPORE
Authors: Y. Theng 
1435 Discussion 1430 A logic on subobjects and recognizability Sander Bruggink  GERMANY
Authors: H.J. Sander Bruggink & B. Kšnig  
1430 A Mixed Level Simulation Environment for Stepwise RTOS Software Refinement Markus Becker  GERMANY
Authors: M. Becker, H. Zabel & W. Mueller
1430 Conditions for successful learning of programming skills Jaana Holvikivi  FINLAND
Authors: J. Holvikivi 
Augmenting Reputation-based Trust Metrics with Rumor-like Dissemination of Reputation Information Sascha Hauke  GERMANY
Authors: S. Hauke, M. Pyka, M. Boschbach & D. Heider
1430 Panel Session:
New applications: what's new? Panellists::
John Suffolk, Brian Fitzgerald, Lalit Sawhney
1430 On the interest of introducing randomness in ad-word auctions Bruno Tuffin  FRANCE  1430 Connections in the history of Australian computing  John Deane AUSTRALIA
Authors: J. Deane 
1430 Looking for Culture in Video Games: Three Conceptual Approaches  James Scarborough  UNITED STATES
Authors: J. K. Scarborough 
  1450 IP3 - Progress towards a Global ICT Profession Roger Johnson  UNITED KINGDOM
Authors: R. G. Johnson  
1440 Research on Quality of Transaction Standards: The Maturity of a Research Topic  Rutger Lammers  THE NETHERLANDS   
1500 IPC Panel 1500 1500 The Role of IT in Business Transformation  Dean Holt  AUSTRALIA 1500 What's wrong with business people... And how to fix IT Rob Roe AUSTRALIA 1500 Governance of IT - the role of the project sponsor  Rimas Skeivys  AUSTRALIA  1500 Lessons from and open world  Allyn Radford  AUSTRALIA 1500 Acquaintances Clustering for Social Relationship-Based Indexing of Digital Photos Jonghak Kim  REPUBLIC OF KOREA
Authors: J. Kim, T. Jang, J. Yang & J. Ryu    
1500 Terminating tableaux for SOQ with number restrictions on transitive roles Mark Kaminski  GERMANY
Authors: M. Kaminski & G. Smolka  
1500 Global Best-Case Response Time for Improving the Worst-Case Response Times in Distributed Real-Time Systems Victor Pollex  GERMANY
Authors: S. Kollmann, V. Pollex & F. Slomka
1510 Evaluating the Cisco Networking Academy Program's Instructional Model against Bloom's Taxonomy for the purpose of Information Security Education for Organizational End-users Johan Van Niekerk  SOUTH AFRICA
Authors: J. F. van Niekerk & K. Thomson
Ex-SDF: An Extended Service Dependency Framework For Intrusion Impact Assessment Nizar Kheir  FRANCE
Authors: N. Kheir, N. Cuppens-Boulahia, F. Cuppens & H. Debar
1500 free slot 1500 free 1500 Why the Real Thing is Essential for Telling our Stories  David Demant AUSTRALIA
Authors: D. Demant
1500 Supporting Multiple Perspectives on 3D Museum Artefacts through Interoperable Annotations  Jane Hunter  AUSTRALIA
Authors: J. Hunter & C. Yu 
  1510 Discussion  
1530 Afternoon tea                                                                  

      YIT                               KCKS                   NF
Wireless networks
1600 Congress plenary keynote
Session chair:
Nick Tate

A Just Digital Society
Richard Stallman USA
  1600 BLKMGK: The Business of Being Young in IT  AJ Kulatunga AUSTRALIA                             1600 Technology and Computers in Music and Music Education Nicholas Reynolds  AUSTRALIA
Authors: N. Reynolds
                1600 The Role and Future Challenges of Wireless Communication Networks for Cooperative Autonomous City Vehicles Andrei Furda  AUSTRALIA         
                                  1620 T'aint what you do (it's the way that you do it): ICT and creativity in the primary school classroom Mary Welsh  UNITED KINGDOM
Authors: M. Welsh & R. Condie
      1630 Yasas Abeywickrama  AUSTRALIA           Wrap-up                              1640 Twitter Q&A                 1630 Performance Analysis of User-Centric Network Selection and Network-Centric Resource Allocation Approaches In Wireless Networks Manzoor Ahmed Khan  AUSTRALIA         
                  1715 CoMICTA meeting 1715 CERT Australia panel             1700 Informatics and ICT in Higher Education                 1700 WiFi NG versus 4G in 2015 Guy Pujolle  FRANCE         
1730 Sessions conclude