Thursday 23 September 2010

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900 Congress plenary keynote
Session chair: Nick Tate
      SV Raghavan INDIA                                                                    
      National Knowledge Network of India: An Instrument of Social Change                                                            
1000     Morning tea                                                                    


Sustain IT      industry session
Deliver IT         industry session
Treat IT          industry session
Trust IT        industry session
AI techniques

Access Control and Privacy

System Advances 1  

HCC9: 2
Virtual technologies & social shaping

Global case studies on process design issues

PlayIT Industry Session    
1030 1030 Meeting of the National ICT Industry Alliance 1030 Environmental business benefits through Leadership, Culture and GreenIT Phillip Nyssen AUSTRALIA 1030 IT's Contribution to Deliver Transformational Business Change   Baden Sharples  AUSTRALIA 1030 eHealth - Beyond a hospital's Electronic Medical Record, what do we need from a consumer's perspective?  Bill Vargas  AUSTRALIA 1030 And they were thinking? Basic, Logo, Personality and Pedagogy John Murnane  AUSTRALIA
Authors: J. Murnane
1030 Cyberspace - a matter of national security  Marcus Sachs  USA 1030 Context-based Probabilistic Scene Interpretation Bernd Neumann  GERMANY
Authors: B. Neumann & K. Terzic 
1030 Invited talk:
A calculus for power-aware multicast communications in ad hoc networks
Sabina Rossi  ITALY 
1030 A Collaborative Decision Support Model for Marine Safety and Security Operations Piper Jackson  CANADA
Authors: U. Glässer , P. Jackson, A. Khalili Araghi, H. Wehn & H. Yaghoubi Shahir  
1030 AGORA Workshop
Learning communities and knowledge management Sindre Rosvik NORWAY (AGORA Chair)
Panel: Bernard Cornu, Raymond Morel, Marta Turcsanyi-Szabo, Barbara Kedzierska, Johannes Magenheim
1030 Purpose - based access control policies and conflicting analysis   Hua Wang  AUSTRALIA
Authors: H. Wang, L. Sun & V. Varadharajan
1030 Flexible genome retrieval for supporting in-silico studies of endobacteria-AMFs  Stefania Montani  ITALY
Authors: S. Montani, G. Leonardi, S. Ghignone & L. Lanfranco    
1030 Making a good (Virtual) first impression: the use of visuals in online impression management and creating identity performances Erika Pearson  NEW ZEALAND
Authors: E. Pearson
1030 Process Model of Customer-Centric E-Government Enabled Service Transformation: Insights from MINDEF's Portal Implementation Experience Satish Krishnan  SINGAPORE
Authors: S. Krishnan, B. C.C. Tan & S. L. Pan

    1030 Joint presentation:
Game Development Studio Start-Up's:  A Practical Guide  George Fidler AUSTRALIA   &
The changing face of games and game development 
Morgan Jaffit  AUSTRALIA
                          1050 Medicare-Grid: new trends on the development of E-Health System based on Grid Technology  Po-Chi Shih  TAIWAN
Authors: Y. Chung, P. Shih, K. Li, C. Yang, C. Hsu, F. Hsu, D. Yang, C. Wen & C. Chiu
1050 Virtuality improves the well being of seniors through increasing social interaction Oliver Burmeister  AUSTRALIA
Authors: O. Burmeister
    1100   1100 Buildings come clean: it’s time to see the data!  Craig Roussac  AUSTRALIA 1100 Confronting the CIO Leadership Challenge - Making a Difference or Fading away!  Darin Brumby  AUSTRALIA 1100 eHealth in Australia - The Way Forward  Adam Powick  AUSTRALIA 1055 The Life and Growth of Year 12 Computing in Victoria: An Ecological Model Arthur Tatnall  AUSTRALIA
Authors: A. Tatnall & B. Davey 
1100 Case Studies in applied information security Richard Johnson AUSTRALIA 1055 Full text search engine as scalable k-nearest neighbor recommendation system Pavol Navrat  SLOVAKIA
Authors: J.S uchal & P. Návrat 
    1100 Combining software and hardware LCS for lightweight on-chip learning Andreas Bernauer  GERMANY
Authors: A. Bernauer, J. Zeppenfeld, O. Bringmann, A. Herkersdorf & W. Rosenstiel  
    1100 Delegation in Predicate Encryption Supporting Disjunctive Queries Dongdong Sun  AUSTRALIA
Authors: D. Sun, C. Boyd, N. J. Gonzalez 
1110 A 'Ubiquitous Environment' through Wireless Voice/Data Communication and a Fully Computerized Hospital Information System in a University Hospital  Eisuke Hanada  JAPAN
Authors: E. Hanada, S. Tsumoto & S. Kobayashi 
1110 The tragedy of the virtual commons as manifested in the death of blogs John Lenarcic  AUSTRALIA
Authors: J. Lenarcic & P. Sarkar
1100 ICT-based improvement of construction procurement process Olli Martikainen  FINLAND
Authors: R. Halonen
            1120 Developing Intelligent Environments with OSGi and JADE Paulo Novais  PORTUGAL
Authors: D. Carneiro, P. Novais, R. Costa & J. Neves 
                                  1120 Discussion    
1130   1130   1130 Improving Efficiency past Virtualisation and Blade Computing  Glenn Gore  AUSTRALIA 1130 Culture and Leadership for Performance in an ICT Service Company  Peter Effeney  AUSTRALIA 1130 The e-Health Vision.  How can the Health System take advantage of IT  John Neville  AUSTRALIA  1120 History of the European Computer Driving Licence Denise Leahy & Dudley Dolan  IRELAND
Authors: D. Leahy & D. Dolan
1130 Malware analysis and detection  Paul Ducklin  AUSTRALIA     1130 Optimisation:

Approximating the non-contiguous multiple organization packing problem
Pierre-Francois Dutot  FRANCE
Authors: M. Bougeret, P. Dutot, K. Jansen, C. Otte, & D. Trystram  
1130 Collaborating and learning predators on a pursuit scenario  Nugroho Fredivianus  GERMANY
Authors: N. Fredivianus, U. Richter & H. Schmeck 
    1130 Tagging Disclosures of Personal Data to Third Parties to Preserve Privacy Sven Wohlgemuth  JAPAN
Authors: S. Wohlgemuth, I. Echizen, N. Sonehara & G. Müller
1130 Towards a diagnostic toolbox for medical communication  Marcus Watson  AUSTRALIA
Authors: W. Billingsley, C. Gallois, A. Smith & M. Watson      
1130 How to measure public opinion in the networked age: working in a Googleocracy or a Googlearchy? Sean Westwood  USA
Authors: S. J. Westwood
1130 The Case for Improvisation in Information Security Risk Management Kennedy Njenga  SOUTH AFRICA
Authors: K. Njenga & I. Brown
        1130 Social Gaming  John Passfield  AUSTRALIA    
        1145 A Brief History of the Pick Environment in Australia Stasys Lukaitis  AUSTRALIA
Authors: S. Lukaitis 
1145 Discussion                 1150 MILXView: A medical imaging, analysis and visualization platform  Neil Burdett  AUSTRALIA
Authors: N. Burdett, J. Fripp, P. Bourgeat, O. Acosta, P. Raniga & O. Salvado   
1150 A Multidiscipline Approach to Governing Virtual Property Theft in Virtual Worlds  Nicholas Patterson  AUSTRALIA
Authors: N. C. Patterson & M. Hobbs
1200 Panel 1200   1200 Teaching sustainable ICT competencies with tablet computers: my first year's experience setting the global standard for green ICT professional education  Tom Worthington  AUSTRALIA 1200 Engaging an Agile Software Team  Chris Murphy  AUSTRALIA 1200 The role of e-Health in health reform  Judy Anderson  AUSTRALIA 1210 Turning points in computer education Bill Davey  AUSTRALIA
Authors: B. Davey & K. Parker
1200 Unsolveable problems in computer security  Peter Gutmann  NEW ZEALAND     1200 Improving the competitive ratios of the seat reservation problem Kazuya Okamoto  JAPAN
Authors: S. Miyazaki & K. Okamoto   
1200 SelSta - a biologically inspired approach for self-stabilizing humanoid robot walking Bojan Jakimovski  GERMANY
Authors: B. Jakimovski, M. Kotke, M. Hörenz & E. Maehle 
    1200 k-Shares: A Privacy Preserving Reputation Protocol for Decentralized Environments Omar Hasan  FRANCE
Authors: O. Hasan, L. Brunie & E. Bertino
1210 Discussion 1210 Discussion 1200 Discussion         1200 StarCraft and e-sports: My time as a professional gamer in Korea Peter Neate AUSTRALIA    
1230 Lunch                                                                        

        Sustain IT      industry session   Deliver IT         industry session   Treat IT          industry session   HC   TrustIT       industry session   AI
AI applications
Analysis & models
      KCKS   SEC                  Privacy   E-Health                                     System Advances 2       GISP
Globalised process design
          PLAY IT    
1330 1330   1330 Sustainable IT and data centres at Telstra - driving change for economical and ecological benefit  Jon Curry  AUSTRALIA 1330 The Agile Revolution: A cultural and critical challenge for ITC  Rob Thomsett  AUSTRALIA 1330 Translating research into outcomes: eHealth research programs for health system adoption  Phil Gurney  AUSTRALIA 1330 Existence Precedes Essence - Meaning of the Stored-Program Concept Allan Olley  CANADA
Authors: A. Olley
1330 Online crime law enforcement Det Supt Brian Hay AUSTRALIA 1330 Bee Hive At Work: Following A Developing Story On The Web Anna Bou Ezzeddine  SLOVAKIA
Authors: P. Navrat & A. Bou Ezzeddine 
1330 A semiring-based, compositional approach to the analysis of information leakage David Clark  UNITED KINGDOM
Authors: M. Boreale,  D. Clark & D. Gorla  
1330   1330 ICT in Teacher Education: Developing Key Competencies in Face-to-Face and Distance Learning Ana Amelia Amorim Carvalho  PORTUGAL
Authors: A. A. A. Carvalho
1330 Towards Fair Indictment for Data Collection with Self-Enforcing Privacy Mark Stegelmann  NORWAY
Authors: M. Stegelmann
1330 Advanced Telemedicine System using 3G Cellular Networks and Agent Technology  Golam Sorwar  AUSTRALIA
Authors: G. Sorwar & A. Ali      
1330   1330 BPM-in-the-Large -Towards a higher level of abstraction in Business Process Management John Krogstie  NORWAY
Authors: C. Houy, P. Fettke, P. Loos, W.M.P. van der Aalst & J. Krogstie
        1330 Creativity in the Game Industry  Eve Penford-Dennis  AUSTRALIA    
  1350 Recession, S-curves and Digital Equipment Corporation Roger Johnson  UNITED KINGDOM
Authors: D. Goodwin & R. Johnson
  1350 Beyond A teacher's perspective of interacting with long-term absent students through digital communications technologies Anthony Jones   AUSTRALIA
Authors: A. Jones & K. Wilkie
1350 User Adaptivity of Biotelemetric System for ECG Measurement and Visualization  Ondrej Krejcar  CZECH REPUBLIC
Authors: O. Krejcar, D. Janckulik, L. Motalova & K. Musil      
1400   1400 Pragmatic Sustainability Using Information Technology John Vickers AUSTRALIA 1400 Driving Innovation in the 21st Century Enterprise  Andrew Groth  AUSTRALIA 1400 Performance Support to support software deployment in Healthcare  Alfred Remmits  THE NETHERLANDS 1410 ETHICS: The Past, Present and Future of Socio-Technical Systems Design Matthew Warren  AUSTRALIA
Authors: M. Warren & S. Leitch 
1400 Global insight into Web 2.0 in the workplace today  Richard Turner  UNITED KINGDOM 1355 Computer-aided estimation for the risk of development of gastric cancer by image processing Yoshihiro Sasaki  JAPAN
Authors: Y.  Sasaki, R.  Hada, T. Yoshimura, N. Hanabata, T. Mikami & S.Fukuda 
1400 A game-theoretic approach to routing under adversarial conditions Frank G Radmacher  GERMANY
Authors: J. Gross, F. G. Radmacher & W. Thomas 
1400   1410 Design and Implementation of Business Process Management Education: A Case in Dutch Higher Education Pascal Ravesteijn  THE NETHERLANDS
Authors: P. Ravesteyn & J. Versendaal
1400 How to enhance Privacy and Identity Management for Mobile Communities: Approach and User driven Concepts of the PICOS Project  Christian Kahl  GERMANY
Authors: C. Kahl, K. Böttcher, M. Tschersich, S. Heim & K. Rannenberg
1410 Help me to understand your world: A reflection on the potential impact of e-health systems on the prognosis for Asperger Syndrome   Rudi Harmse  SOUTH AFRICA
Authors: R. Harmse & D. Pottas   
1400   1400 When global process fails: A grounded theory study of a case from agile engagement to compulsive outsourcing Jan Pries-Heje  DENMARK
Authors: J. Pries-Heje
        1400 Business Process Simulation In Virtual Worlds Ross Brown AUSTRALIA
1415 1420 Intelligent Hybrid Architecture for Tourism Services Ana Almeida  PORTUGAL
Authors: A. Almeida, B. Coelho & C. Martins 
1430   1430 Green IT - A Framework and Benchmarking Approach Graeme Philipson AUSTRALIA 1430 Panel:
The IT Department is Dead
sponsored by Business Aspect

Moderator: Ian Birks Panellists:
Chris Murphy
Peter Effeney
Andrew Groth
Paul Campbell
Brendan McLearie
1430 ICT - The Critical (Missing) Piece in the Healthcare Puzzle  Peter Grant  AUSTRALIA 1430 Lessons from discarded computer architectures Andrew Fluck  AUSTRALIA
Authors: A. Fluck
1430 Unholy Convergences  Craig Valli  AUSTRALIA 1430 An operational model for multiprocessors with caches Sanjiva Prasad  INDIA
Authors: S. Joshi & S. Prasad 
1430   1430 Supporting productive integration of Web 2.0-mediated collaboration  Raymond Tsoi  SINGAPORE
Authors: M. F. R. Tsoi
1430 Performance Analysis of Accumulator-based Revocation Mechanisms Jorn Lapon  BELGIUM
Authors: J. Lapon, M. Kohlweiss, B. De Decker & V. Naessens
1430 Move to poster presentation session in Mezzanine Foyer 1430   1430 Panel discussion        Process Design in an Increasingly Globalized Society: Issues and opportunities
Chair: Michael Rosemann
        1430 The Perpetual Song  Mick Gordon  AUSTRALIA
    1440 University as an environment for shaping key teachers' competence for the Knowledge Society Barbara Kedzierska  POLAND
Authors: B. Kedzierska
5-minute poster slots
(8 poster presenters)

Poster Moderator: Shigeki Kuwata
  1450 Andrew D Booth - Britain's Other 'Fourth Man' Roger Johnson  UNITED KINGDOM
Authors: R. Johnson
1445 Knowledge-Based Geo-Risk Assessment for an Intelligent Measurement System Tanja Vicovac  AUSTRIA
Authors: T. Vicovac, A. Reiterer, U. Egly, T. Eiter & D. Rieke-Zapp 
  1450 Need for the Intercultural Awareness in Erasmus Mobility - Administrative Point of View  Tatjana Welzer  SLOVENIA
Authors: T. Welzer, M. Družovec, M. Hölbl & M. Bonačić
1500 1500   1500 3 ways to future proof your energy savings in the Data Centre Christian Bertolini AUSTRALIA 1500 The Flying Doctors and technology - the opportunities and challenges!  Nino di Marco  AUSTRALIA 1510 A birth of information systems Bill Davey  AUSTRALIA
Authors: A. Lukaitis, B. Davey & S. Lukaitis
1500 "Design Thinking" in ICT security – delivering business value from fresh approaches Gil Carter AUSTRALIA 1500 Free 1500   1500 Mobile Learning: Using SMS in Educational Contexts Adelina Moura  PORTUGAL
Authors: A. Moura & A. A. Carvalho
1500 Closing including
Students Best Paper Award and Invitation to SEC 2011 in Lucerne, Switzerland

Chairs: Rossouw von Solms, Collin Armstrong
    1500           1500      
  1510 Discussion   1510 Twitter Q&A

Closing by Chairs:
Marta Turcsanyi-Szabo & Nicholas James Reynolds
1520 Symposium close      
1530   Afternoon tea                                                                     
1600 Congress Plenary keynote:
Session chair: Nick Tate
      Envisioning work with technology  Penny Sanderson  AUSTRALIA                                                                   
1700     Closing                                                                    
1730   Sessions conclude                                                                    
1730     ACS EdXN - see M3                                   ACS EdXN
sponsored by NICTA

1730 Education Across the Nation – Free Software in Ethics and in Practise: Registration



Free software in ethics and in practise
Richard Stallman