Monday 20 September 2010

Monday 20 September GH1 & 2   PTR
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845 Opening ceremony
MC: Nick Tate (Local Chairman)
Welcome to Country
Augusto Casaca (Chair of the International Program Committee)
Basie Von Solms (IFIP President)
Robert Schwarten (Minister for Public Works and Information & Communication Technology)
930 Congress plenary keynote
Session chair: Nick Tate
  Graeme Wood  
The Simple Art of Entrepreneurship in the Age of Rampant Technology: How the Fundamentals Never Change
1030-1100 Morning tea                                                                

DeliverIT     industry session
Value IT               industry session
Learn IT
industry session

Opening and KBA

Session 1


Introduction & Architectures

HCC9 Opening
Advanced information processing in Entertainment Computing

1100   1100 Accelerate your career  John Ridge   AUSTRALIA 1100 Free-Flow Tolling Project - a case study in accelerated delivery  Susan Caelers  AUSTRALIA 1100 Intersection between protecting IP and making innovation happen - in time!  Eva Hopper  GERMANY 1100 Is Australia's Economic Skilled Immigration Program working for business today?  Alan Chanesman  AUSTRALIA 1100 Keynote:                     The power and the puzzles of auditory interfaces
Penelope Sanderson   AUSTRALIA
1100 Keynote:                         A Relationship Oriented Approach to LightWeight Web Semantics  Hai Zhuge  PR CHINA 1100 Invited talk
Semantics and logic for quantum computing Bart Jacobs  THE NETHERLANDS 
1100 Keynote:
Safety, Efficiency and Autonomy - Mastering Conflicting Trends in Embedded Systems Design Rolf Ernst  GERMANY
Authors: R. Ernst
1100 Opening:
Bernard Cornu, Marta Turcsanyi-Szabo, Nicholas James Reynolds
1100 Opening 1100 C-SAW: Critical Information Infrastructure Protection through Simplification Ian Ellefsen  SOUTH AFRICA  1100 Architecting the firm - coherency and ocnsistency in managing the enterprise Pat Turner AUSTRALIA 1100 Narrowing the Gap between Open Standards Policy and Practice: The Dutch e-Government Experience Rutger Lammers  NETHERLANDS
Authors: R. Lammers, E. Folmer & M. Ehrenhard
1100 Session 1: Network of the Future
An introduction to the Network of the Future
Guy Pujolle  FRANCE
1100 Chrisanthi Avgerou - introduction 1100 Invited talk:                         Multiple Format Search and Rescue Robot as a Competitive Arena  Andrew Chiou  AUSTRALIA

          1110 Keynote An Introduction to the Relationship between ICT and Sustainable Development Lorenz Hilty SWITZERLAND
1130 Panel:Phil Lockwood 1130 Delivering in a Multichannel Retail World  Alan Hesketh  AUSTRALIA 1130 IT role in business process compliance  Guido Governatori  AUSTRALIA 1130 Developing an integrated ICT Competency Framework: Debunking myths to posit a solution  Marcus Bowles  AUSTRALIA
      1120 From Context to Competencies Christina Doerge  GERMANY
Authors: I. Diethelm & C. Dörge
1130 Keynote:
The 5 waves of information security - from Kristian Beckman to the present   Basie Von Solms    SOUTH AFRICA
Authors: S.H. B. vonSolms
1130 Wireless Sensor Networks for the Protection of an Electrical Energy Distribution Infrastructure Augusto Casaca  PORTUGAL    1130 Providing Adaptive and Evolving Government e-Services through Citizen-Centric Process Views John Krogstie  NORWAY
Authors: G. Aagesen & J. Krogstie
1130 Session 2: Architectures
Future Internet is by Ethernet Raimo Kantola  FINLAND 
1130 An online classification approach of visitors' movements in 3D virtual museums Kingkarn Sookhanaphibarn  JAPAN
Authors: K. Sookhanaphibarn & R. Thawonmas 

      1150 Digital literacy: A vital competence for 2010? Denise Leahy & Dudley Dolan  IRELAND
Authors: D. Leahy & D. Dolan
  1140 Defining Leadership as Process Reference Model: translating organizational goals into practice using a structured leadership approach  David Tuffley  AUSTRALIA   
1200 How I made a business out of Information Management Ana Govan  AUSTRALIA 1200 From E-Transactions to M-Transactions: Enabling mobile transactions with information assurance  Clarence Tan & Chris Lane  AUSTRALIA 1200 IT is not about me  Vince Gill  AUSTRALIA 1200 E-learning readiness toolkit  Mike Collett, Jenny Hunt UNITED KINGDOM, Phil Candy  AUSTRALIA
  1200 Slicing behaviour tree models for verification Nisansala Yatapanage  AUSTRALIA
Authors:   N. Yatapanage, K. Winter & S. Zafar 
  1210 Grundtvig Partnership Case Study 2009-2011. LifeLong Learning for Active Citizenship and Capacity Building -LLLab Anna Grabowska  POLAND
Authors: A. Grabowska
1200 Critical infrastructure protection risk modelling with games technology Martin Masek  AUSTRALIA
Authors:  M Masek, A. Boeing & W. Bailey
  1200 Discussion 1200 On the way to a theory for network architectures Thi-Mai-Trang Nguyen  FRANCE  1200 A Machine That Day-Dreams Graham Mann  AUSTRALIA
Authors: G. A. Mann

"1-minute madness"
poster presentations
      1220 Competencies and skills: Filling old skins with new wine Christina Doerge  GERMANY
Authors: C. Doerge 
  1210 Discussion    
1230-1330 Lunch                                                                

DeliverIT     industry session
Joint Australian
Council of Deans
of ICT and ACS
Foundation Event

Learn IT
industry session

Specification & modeling



Specification & modeling

Security Management

Session 2

Invited speakers

Green Technologies for the future & Sensor networks

HCC9: 4
ICT & Sustainable Development

ECS                                               Advanced information processing in Entertainment Computing 2
1330   1330 School 2.0:  Where We're Headed, Why, and What We Can Do About It  Steve Hargadon CANADA  (Learn IT Stream) 1330 Building a Smarter Planet: City by City  Glen Boreham  AUSTRALIA 1330 Australian Council of Deans of ICT 1330 School 2.0:  Where We're Headed, Why, and What We Can Do About It  Steve Hargadon  CANADA 1330 Improving the Search for User Interface Design Patterns through Typed Relationships Jordan Janeiro  GERMANY
Authors: J. Janeiro, S. D. J Barbosa, T. Springer & A. Schill
1330 Ecologically Rational Agency John Debenham  AUSTRALIA
Authors: J. Debenham & C. Sierra 
1330 Safe equivalences for security properties Miguel Andres  THE NETHERLANDS
Authors:   M. S. Alvim, M. E. AndrŽs, C. Palamidessi & P. van Rossum
1330 Rialto 2.0: A Language for Heterogeneous Computations Andreas Dahlin  FINLAND
Authors: J. Lilius, A. Dahlin & L. Morel
1330 The Paradox of more Flexibility in Education Henk Plessius  THE NETHERLANDS
Authors: H. Plessius & P. Ravesteyn
1330 A Business Continuity Management Simulator Lam-For Kwok  HONG KONG, SAR OF CHINA
Authors: Lam-for Kwok, W. J.Caelli & D. Longley
1330 Discrete event simulation of QoS of a SCADA system interconnecting a Power grid and a Telco network Michele Minichino  ITALY  1330 Valuation of procurement flexibility in the machinery and equipment industry using the real option approach Alexander Kleinert  GERMANY  1330 Invited speaker:
Access and reuse of public sector information (PSI) in an era of Gov 2.0
Brian Fitzgerald  AUSTRALIA
1330 Green Network Planning Model for Optical Backbones Jose Gutierrez  DENMARK  1330 ICT and the environment in developing countries: a review of opportunities and developments John W Houghton  AUSTRALIA
Authors: J. W. Houghton
1330 Cluster analysis for personalised mobile entertainment content Worapat Paireekreng  AUSTRALIA
W. Paireekreng, K. Wai Wong & C. C. Fung 

              1350 Application of the Multiple Perspectives Model in an Undergraduate Course Célio Gonçalo Marques  PORTUGAL
Authors: C. G. Marques & A. A. A. Carvalho
        1350 A model and selected instances of green and sustainable software Markus Dick  GERMANY
Authors: M. Dick, S. Naumann & N. Kuhn

1400 One laptop per child program  Rangan Srikhanta  AUSTRALIA 1400 Joomla - The Paradox of Commercially Viable Free Open Source Software  Andrew Eddie  AUSTRALIA 1400   1400 Web 2.0 meets lesson plans: sharing good eTeaching ideas  James Dalziel  AUSTRALIA 1400 Contributions of psychology to the design of diagnostic decision support systems Gitte Lindgaard  CANADA
Authors: G. Lindgaard, J. Folkens, C. Pyper, M. Frize & R. Walker 
1355 Involving the Human User in the Control Architecture of an Autonomous Agent Roberto Micalizio  ITALY
Authors: R. Micalizio, G. Nuzzolo, E. Scala & P. Torasso 
1400 On probabilistic alternating simulations Chenyi Zhang  LUXEMBOURG
Authors:   C. Zhang & J. Pang 
1400 Scenario-based Modeling in Industrial Information Systems Ricardo Machado  PORTUGAL
Authors: R. J. Machado, J. M. Fernandes, J. P. Barros & L. Gomes
1410 Coping with Complex Real-World Problems: Strategies for Developing the Competency of Transdisciplinary Collaboration Gitta Domik  GERMANY
Authors: G. Domik & G. Fischer
 1400 Mining Business-Relevant RBAC States Through Decomposition Alessandro Colantonio  ITALY
Authors: A. Colantonio, R. Di Pietro, A. Ocello & N. V. Verde
(to be presented via skype)
1400 On Planning of FTTH Access Networks with and without Redundancy Muhammad Tahir Riaz  DENMARK

1400 Business Capabilities Centric Enterprise Architecture  Thiago Barroero   ITALY   1400 A solution for green communications for today and tomorrow Khaldoun Al Agha  FRANCE  1410 Managing Energy Efficiency in Manufacturing Processes - Implementing Energy Performance in Production Information Technology Systems Katharina Bunse  SWITZERLAND
Authors: K. Bunse
& M. Vodicka
1400 Auto-Explanation System: Player Satisfaction in Strategy-Based Board Games  Andrew Chiou  AUSTRALIA
Authors: A. Chiou & K. W. Wong                      ??                             

1415                 1420 Discussion              
1430 Is technology relevant to the future of online retailers?  Paul Greenberg  AUSTRALIA
(DeliverIT stream)
1430 Is technology relevant to the future of online retailers?  Paul Greenberg  AUSTRALIA 1430   1430 Success factors in online teaching  Simon Brown  AUSTRALIA 1430 A Composite Task Meta-Model as a Reference Model Steve Goschnick  AUSTRALIA
Authors: S. Goschnick, L. Sonenberg & S. Balbo
    1430 Probabilistic mobility models for mobile and wireless networks Jens Godskesen  DENMARK
Authors:   L. Song & J. Chr. Godskesen  
1430 An entirely Model-based Framework for Hardware Design and Simulation Safouan Taha  FRANCE
Authors: S. Taha, A. Radermacher & S. Gerard 
1430 Beyond Pedagogical Content Knowledge: The Importance of TPACK for Informing Preservice Teacher Education in Australia Glenn Finger  AUSTRALIA
1430 Group Dynamics in a Security Risk Management Context: A Teaching Case Study Stewart Kowalski & Rostyslav Barabanov SWEDEN Authors: R. Barabanov
Authors: R. Barabanov
1430  A Distributed Denial of Service Testbed Desmond Schmidt  AUSTRALIA
1430 An Enterprise Architecture Approach towards Environmental Management Ovidiu Noran  AUSTRALIA  1430 Hands-on guideline for e-participation initiatives Maria Wimmer  GERMANY
Authors: S. Scherer, M. Wimmer & S. Ventzke
1430 Internet Sensor Grid: Experiences with Passive and Active Instruments Peter Komisarczuk  NEW ZEALAND  1430 A Reference Process for Building Information Systems to Support Sustainable Design based on LCA, PSS, Social and Economic Aspects Fabiana Santana  BRAZIL
Authors: F. S. Santana, C. Barberato & A. M. Saraiva
1430 Comparing binarisation techniques for the processing of ancient manuscripts Kevin Wong  AUSTRALIA
R. Chamchong, C. C. Fung & K. W. Wong 

              1450 Learning under Uncertainty: a grounded theory study Eurico Lopes  PORTUGAL
Authors: E. Lopes
1445 30 mins for panel 1500 If IT is to be…  John Puttick  AUSTRALIA
(DeliverIT stream)
1500 If IT is to be…  John Puttick  AUSTRALIA 1500   1500 Digitalised textbook model as a convergence e-book and e-learning  Yong-Sang Cho  KOREA 1500 Future Dining Table: Dish recommendation based on dining activity recognition Tomoo Inoue  JAPAN
Authors: T. Inoue, Y. Seto & Y. Matsusaka
    1500 Deterministic computations in time-varying graphs: broadcasting under unstructured mobility Bernard Mans  AUSTRALIA
Authors: A. Casteigts, P. Flocchini, B. Mans & N. Santoro 
1500 Extending the Standard Execution Model of UML for Real-Time Systems Abderraouf Benyahia  FRANCE
Authors: A. Benyahia, A. Cuccuru, S. Taha, F. Terrier, F. Boulanger & S. Gérard
1510 Collaborative Research Training Based On Virtual Spaces Ramon Garcia-Martinez  ARGENTINA
Authors: D. Rodríguez, R. Bertone & R. García-Martínez
1500 Free 1500 Risk Modelling the Transition of SCADA Systems to IPv6 Suriadi Suriadi  AUSTRALIA  1500 Discussion 1500 Virtual communities as a mechanisms for sustainable coordination within the South African Public Sector Godwin Thomas  SOUTH AFRICA
Authors: G. Thomas & R. Botha
1500 Data-driven MAC for Efficient Transmission of Spatially Correlated Data in WSNs Nahdia Tabassum  AUSTRALIA  1450 Debate 1500 Complex game design modeling Kevin Wong   AUSTRALIA
V. Narayanasamy, K. W. Wong, S. Rai & A. Chiou 

1530-1600 Afternoon Tea                                                                

DeliverIT     industry session
Learn IT
industry session

User-centred development

Knowledge Acquisition

Fault Tolerance

SEC                         Security Management & Governance
Session 3

Adoption & diffusion


HCC9: 4
1600 Keynote speaker or panel session 1600 Panel:
New technology enabled business models - those that will succeed and those that will fail
Moderator: Michael Rosemann
Panellists: Chris Lane Graeme Wood John Puttick Paul Greenberg John Passfield George Fidler
1600 Panel:
New technology enabled business models - those that will succeed and those that will fail
Moderator: Michael Rosemann
Panellists: Chris Lane Graeme Wood John Puttick Paul Greenberg John Passfield George Fidler
1600 Australian Council of Deans of ICT 1600 Changing Values of the Next Generation  Terry Kearney  AUSTRALIA 1600 Developing a user-centered mobile service interface based on a cognitive model of attention allocation Julia Niemann  AUSTRALIA
Authors: J. Niemann, V. Presse, J. Reissland & A. Naumann 
1600 Exer-Learning Games: Transferring Hopscotch from the schoolyard to the classroom Martina Lucht  GERMANY
Authors: M. Lucht, S. Domagk & M. Mohring 
1600   1600 Task Migration for Fault-Tolerant FlexRay Networks Kay Klobedanz  GERMANY
Authors: K. Klobedanz, G. B. Defo, H. Zabel, W. Mueller & Y. Zhi
1600 All I need to know about Twitter in Education I learned in Kindergarten  Steve Wheeler UNITED KINGDOM
Authors: W. Reinhardt, S. Wheeler & M. Ebner
1600 Using Actor Network Theory to Understand Information Security Management Karin Hedström  SWEDEN
Authors: K. Hedström, G. Dhillon & F. Karlsson
1600 Free
1600 Invited speaker:
The emerging anatomy of eCommerce architectures: challenges and opportunities in integration and interoperability 
Mark Fox  CANADA 
1600 Examining the role of the culture of local government on adoption and use of e-government services  Nurdin Nurdin  AUSTRALIA
Authors: N. Nurdin, R. Stockdale & H. Scheepers
1600 Trust infrastructures for future energy networks Nicolai Kuntze  GERMANY  1600 IT Support for Sustainable Development in Organizations Andreas Moeller  GERMANY
Authors: A. Moeller & A. Rolf
1600 Co-production and co-creation: creative practice in social inclusion Atau Tanaka  UNITED KINGDOM
Authors: A. Tanaka, L. Gaye & R. Richardson

        1615 Structured Digital Storytelling for Eliciting Software Requirements in the ICT4D Domain Daniel Sinnig  GERMANY
Authors: D. Sinnig, K. Pitula, R. Becker, T. Radhakrishnan & P. Forbrig
1625 Social Relationships as a Means for Identifying an Individual in Large Information Spaces Michal Barla  SLOVAKIA
Authors: K. Kostková, M. Barla, & M. Bieliková 
  1620 Getting granular on Twitter - tweets from a conference and their limited usefulness for non-participants Steve Wheeler UNITED KINGDOM
Authors: M. Ebner, H. Mühlburger, S. Schaffert, M. Schiefner & W. Reinhardt 
1620 Utilising the Internet to improve peasant artisan incomes: Evidence from Mexico  John Dobson  CANADA
Authors: J. Dobson, R. Duncombe & Brian Nicholson

      1630 Vision of the Future: Where will eLearning be in 2020?  Carol Skyring  AUSTRALIA 1630 Development of Wearable Device by Kids - Friendly Design for Kid's Safety SeungHee Lee  JAPAN
Authors: S. H. Lee, J. Sohn, A. Usami & M. Hamanaka

    1630   1630 Flexible and Dynamic Replication Control for Interdependent Distributed Real-Time Embedded Systems Luis Nogueira  PORTUGAL
Authors: L. Nogueira, L. M. Pinho & J. Coelho
1640 Twitter Q&A 1630 IInformation Security Governance: When Compliance Becomes more Important than Security Tobias Ruighaver  AUSTRALIA
Authors: T. Tan, A. B. Ruighaver & A. Ahmad
1630 Free     1630 Diffusing Ubuntu into e-Government: A South African Perspective Hossana Twinomurinzi  SOUTH AFRICA
Authors: H. Twinomurinzi, J. Phahlamohlaka & E. Byrne
1630 Very-high level authentication and identity for the future Christophe Kiennert  FRANCE  1630 Panel:
Concept, Methodology and Future of Cultural Computing
Ryohei Nakatsu, Naoko Tosa, Matthias Rauterberg

        1645 Discussion
1650 Discussion           1640 Discussion   1640 Debate
1715 Plenary speaker
Session chair: Nick Tate
Alan Noble AUSTRALIA Innovation in the Cloud
                                                    1700 Leveraging Trusted Network Connect for Secure Connection of Mobile Devices to Corporate Networks   Kai-Oliver Detken  GERMANY         
Welcome Reception
Speaker: Paul Lucas
(Deputy Premier Queensland)
1930 YIT Dinner