World Computer Congress - Brisbane 2010

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World Computer Congress - Brisbane 2010

20-23 September 2010 - Brisbane - Australia

Australian Computer Societyifip - International Federation for Information Processing

2010 Young IT Scholarships - TWO TO BE AWARDED!!

The ACS will award two full scholarships at the YIT Professionals Conference to be held in on 20-21 September 2010 in conjunction with the World Computer Congress in Brisbane. For more information on the YIT Professionals Conference, CLICK HERE.

The scholarships, valued at $3000 each, will enable the recipients to complete the ACS Computer Professional Education Program and join the growing body of ACS Members who are proud to be called a Certified Professional (CP).

Highly regarded as a program of excellence, it is offered online, allowing busy professionals to maintain a work/life balance.

Students complete four subjects, typically over 18 months (or four study periods). Assignments are set within the context of your work environment, and you'll benefit from the extensive interaction with students world-wide, plus guidance from experienced tutors and mentors. Subjects can be credited towards a number of leading MBA programs.

To be eligible for the scholarships you must attend the conference and complete an application form and also be available at the conference to receive your scholarship award if successful. You must also be an ACS Member and fulfill the entry criteria for the CPE Program.

For more information on the Computer Professional Education Program, click here.or you can call Pam Barnes, Registrar, on 1800 671 003.

About the Computer Professional Program

The ACS CPEP a world class curriculum of professional development and training set within the context of an individual’s work environment. It seeks to grow professionals into leaders and provide a key point of differentiation in the competitive ICT market.

The Program comprises three core subjects and one elective:


Business, Legal and Ethical Issues; Business, Strategy and IT and New Technology Alignment


Adaptive Business Intelligence; IT Service Management; Project Management; Green Technology Strategies and Enterprise Architecture, Organisational Change Management and Business Process Improvement (using Lean Six Sigma).

The course is at Postgraduate level; however it differs from traditional university courses through a strong vocational focus and the application of learned theory to practical workplace situations.

Content is delivered online in a structured study period format with students grouped into classes to maximise opportunities for collaboration and cross-pollination of information and ideas via email and bulletin-boards. Time commitment is 8-10 hours per week for each subject. Assessment is by two assignments or an assignment and exam (depending on subject taken).

For more information about the program visit, or call the CPE Program Registrar on Freecall 1800 671 003 (within Australia), or email