World Computer Congress - Brisbane 2010

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World Computer Congress - Brisbane 2010

20-23 September 2010 - Brisbane - Australia

Australian Computer Societyifip - International Federation for Information Processing


Young IT

Young IT


Lead, Transform, Succeed

It's with great pleasure and excitement that I invite you to participate in the 7th Annual International Young ICT Professionals Conference to be held 20 - 21 September 2010 at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre.

This year's theme is Lead, Transform, and Succeed. The conference will a part of the World Computer Congress (WCC 2010) and draw Australia's top ICT Professionals and Graduates in addition to international guests.

The program will provide young professionals, recent graduates and university students around the world with the techniques, skills and confidence to advance their career in Information Communications Technology (ICT).

Don't miss this invaluable opportunity to gain insights into the ICT industry; learn about emerging technologies; develop your skills in management, leadership, time management and more; find out what's involved in working overseas or starting your own business; and be inspired by a first-class selection of speakers. There's also time to network with fellow participants, speakers, sponsors, CIOs and potential future employers

Yasas V. Abeywickrama
Young ICT Professionals Board Director

See the speakers


Young IT Program has Young IT specific speakers, LearnIT and DeliverIT speakers and best of the best speakers from WCC on Monday and Tuesday (20 and 21 September). Young IT Conference is meant for students and young professionals, therefore it is the cheapest way to get to this world class computer congress!

Some speakers on the program are:

  • Nicholas Carr – World Famous Author
  • John Ridge, Executive Director ACS Foundation (ACS Foundation offers internship opportunities for young people)- Accelerating Your Career
  • Ana Govan, 2006 Young Professional of the Year - How I made a Business out of Information Management
  • Steve Hargadon, Elluminate's Social Learning Consultant & founder of the Classroom 2.0 social network - Web 2.0 in Action
  • Rangan Srikhanta, Executive Director, OLPC - One Laptop Per Child Program
  • Panel Session on ICT and Politics
  • AJ Kulatunga, NT High Achiever of the Year 2008 – The Business of Being Young in IT

Additionally, you will get access to all the common sessions (best of the best industry speakers) on Monday and Tuesday from WCC2010 at the Young IT Conference.

You will also meet Young IT Director Yasas Vishuddhi Abeywickrama, 2009 Young Professional of the Year.

The Conference Chair this year is Travis Malone, a charismatic young leader in ICT from Queensland. He was deservedly recognised as the 2009 Queensland Young ICT Professional of the Year.

2010 Young IT Scholarships

Click here for the 2010 Young IT Scholarships - TWO TO BE AWARDED!!


YIT registration fees Earlybird
(on or before 31st July 2010)
(on or after 1st August 2010)
YIT 2 day student** member* A$200 A$250
YIT 2 day student non-member A$250 A$300
YIT day member* A$350 A$400
YIT day non-member A$450 A$500
YIT 2 day member* A$500 A$600
YIT 2 day non-member A$600 A$700

*The YIT member rate will apply to members of the ACS

**Students must verify that they are a fulltime student by forwarding a signed letter from their head of department to the congress managers. The YIT student rate also applies to first year graduates.

Networking dinner only Earlybird
(on or before 31st July 2010)
(on or after 1st August 2010)
ACS member A$75 A$75
ACS non-member A$100 A$100

To register for YIT or for the networking dinner only, please visit the registration page of the congress website.

If you are not an ACS member yet, join now to be eligible for the member rate.

If you are registering as a student/graduate, you may be required to show your ACS membership ID or student Id when registering on the day.

As an international event, Young IT annual attracts delegates from overseas. If you are travelling to Brisbane, Australia from overseas, given below is valuable information for you.


All travellers to Australia, other than Australian and New Zealand citizens, are legally required to hold a valid visa or electronic travel authority (ETA). It is your responsibility to ensure documentation is correct and completed before you commence your journey. Delegates must register for the event before lodging their visa/ETA application. Following your registration, you will receive an acknowledgement letter. This is all you require from the event manager in order to make your visa/ETA application. We recommend you apply for your visa/ETA at least 10 weeks before you travel (earlier in some cases). For more information, contact your nearest Australian Embassy/Consulate or view the Australian Department of Immigration website


A 10% Goods and Services Tax (GST) is included in the cost of most items in Australia. The 10% GST is included in the registration prices listed above.

Invitation letters

Please note that government agencies have advised that the registration confirmation letter (when you have paid the registration fee) will satisfy visa application requirements and that no further documentation is necessary from the conference managers. We therefore do not need to provide an official letter of invitation.

Panel Outline


What if everyone could vote on every piece of legislation? Should the government go completely open-source? Is government 2.0 really the right approach? All these issues and more will be discussed in the Young IT Panel, a first in a series of discussions where Young IT members are able to discuss issues important to them. This interactive session will allow you to have your say as well as hear from our informed panel, lead by Joel Nation, the Vice- Chair of the Young IT Board.


Joel Nation is the current Vice-Chair of the Young IT Board and has been involved with the board over the last few years starting with his involvement as the ACT Representative in 2006. Joel currently works as the IT Manager of PSARN International, a company specialising in web- based data management systems.

As a passionate member of the board, Joel is committed to improving communication amongst members and ensuring that everyone is able to realise the benefits that the IT industry and the ACS afford them.

Outside his commitments to YIT, he is also the current branch treasurer for the ACT Branch of the ACS as well as an active member of the local Rotaract club.

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Industry Speakers

NameJob TitleOrganisationAbstract Title
Nicholas Carr - Plenary keynote Bringing the Cloud Down to Earth (Plenary keynote)
Sir John Daniel - LearnIT President & CEO Commonwealth of Learning Computers for Secondary Schoolchildren: A busted flush? (Learn IT)
Anastasia Govan Information Architect How I made a Business out of Information Management
Steve Hargadon - LearnIT Elluminate's Social Learning Consultant & founder of the Classroom 2.0 social network School 2.0: Where We're Headed, Why, and What We Can Do About It (LearnIT)
Alan Hesketh - DeliverIT General Manager Super Cheap Auto Group Limited Delivering in a Multichannel Retail World (DeliverIT)
Dean Holt Vice President (IT) Constellation Wines Australia and Europe The Role of IT in Business Transformation
Professor Simon Kaplan - DeliverIT Executive Dean QUT - Science and Technology QUT Socio-Technical Networks - Panel Discussion (DeliverIT)
AJ Kulatunga Managing Director BLKMGK The Business of Being Young in IT
Phil Lockwood Tata Consultancy Services Wanted! Young IT professionals in Australia
Ben Patey - DeliverIT CIO CSC Australia Leveraging Social Networking (DeliverIT)
John Ridge AM Executive Director ACS Foundation Accelerating Your Career
Kate Southam Executive Director How to become the Number One in your ICT Career? – Advice from CareerOne!
Rangan Srikhanta Executive Director One Laptop Per Child Program One Laptop per Child in Australia: opening windows of opportunity

Abstracts and Biographies

Bringing the Cloud Down to Earth (Plenary keynote)

Cloud computing represents the biggest revolution in information technology since the arrival of the personal computer more than 30 years ago. But "the cloud" has also become wrapped in hype. Nicholas Carr, author of the influential and best-selling books Does IT Matter?, The Big Switch, and The Shallows, will go beyond the hype to place cloud computing in a historical, economic, and social context. He will show how the development of the cloud is following an often-repeated technological and business pattern, seen for example 100 years ago in the shift from proprietary power generation to the utility electrical system. By ceding control over infrastructure, the users of utility systems reduce capital outlays and risk and gain benefits in flexibility and scale economies. Carr will also examine the barriers to adoption of the cloud, the emerging patterns of cloud use in both business and personal cloud use, and some of the broader consequences, both good and bad, for society and culture.


Nicholas Carr writes on the social, economic, and business implications of technology. He is the author of the 2008 Wall Street Journal bestseller The Big Switch: Rewiring the World, from Edison to Google, which is "widely considered to be the most influential book so far on the cloud computing movement," according the Christian Science Monitor. His earlier book, Does IT Matter?, published in 2004, "lays out the simple truths of the economics of information technology in a lucid way, with cogent examples and clear analysis," said the New York Times. He is working on a new book, The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains, which will be published in 2010. Carr's books have been translated into more than a dozen languages.

Carr has written for many periodicals, including The Atlantic Monthly, The New York Times Magazine, Wired, The Financial Times, Die Zeit, The Futurist, and Advertising Age, and has been a columnist for The Guardian and The Industry Standard. His much-discussed essay "Is Google Making Us Stupid?," which appeared as the cover story of the Atlantic Monthly's Ideas issue in the summer of 2008, has been collected in three popular anthologies: The Best American Science and Nature Writing, The Best Technology Writing, and The Best Spiritual Writing. Carr has written a personal blog, Rough Type, since 2005. He is a member of the Encyclopaedia Britannica's editorial board of advisors and is on the steering board of the World Economic Forum's cloud computing project.

Earlier in his career, Carr was executive editor of the Harvard Business Review and a principal at Mercer Management Consulting.

Carr has been a speaker at MIT, Harvard, Wharton, the Kennedy School of Government, NASA, and the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas as well as at many industry, corporate, and professional events throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia. He holds a B.A. from Dartmouth College and an M.A., in English and American literature and language, from Harvard University.

Commonwealth of Learning
Computers for Secondary Schoolchildren: A busted flush? (LearnIT)

Vendor hype says that computers can transform secondary education. If true, this would be a blessing for the 400 million children in developing countries aged between 12 and 17 who are not in school. But evidence from introducing computers in developing world schools shows that the hype is far from the reality. The paper looks at three projects. One Laptop per Child has been a dismal failure when measured against its original ambitions. The NEPAD eSchools Demonstration Project in Africa never got beyond the demonstration stage. Only India’s Hole-in-the-Wall project achieved success - by avoiding putting computers in schools!


Sir John Daniel served for 17 years as a university president in Canada (Laurentian University) and the UK (Open University) before joining UNESCO as Assistant Director-General for Education in 2001 and becoming President of the Commonwealth of Learning in 2004. Knighted by Queen Elizabeth in 1994 for services to higher and distance education, he has received 30 honorary doctorates from universities in 17 countries. Best known among his 300 publications are his books Mega-Universities and Knowledge Media: Technology Strategies for Higher Education (1996) and Mega-Schools, Technology and Teachers: Achieving Education for All (2010).

Information Architect
How I made a Business out of Information Management

Anastasia (Ana) Govan set out on her own as a business woman by launching Inforg Information Solutions and she will explain how she went about it. Most of the young professionals are looking for employment but there are many who like to have their own business. If you have the slightest of idea of doing that, this session is for you. She will prove to you that it’s not hard if you are clear in your mind on what you want to do and achieve. Ana will also touch on important aspects of a business specifically in Information Management while touching on ICT start-ups in general.


(Ana)stasia Govan has consulted and worked in information, records, technology, knowledge management and librarianship for 15 years in Australia and Asia. Ana has received several national awards from Professions Australia, academic institutions and the Australian Computer Society. Currently an Information Architect and Director of consulting firm inforg Information Solutions she is a Senior Lecturer with Charles Darwin University and teaches VET units for the Records Management Association of Australasia. She holds national board positions with Australian Computer Society (ACS) and is Vice President of the Records Management Association of Australasia (RMAA)

Super Cheap Auto Group Limited
Delivering in a Multichannel Retail World (DeliverIT)

A pragmatic look at delivering IT now and in the future in a growing retailer as the opportunity through physical, online and mobile channels evolves. This presentation will address issues such as the governance of change, selection of appropriate technologies and the evolution of a single view of the customer.


Alan is an experienced Chief Information Officer and general manager who has worked in both fast moving consumer goods manufacturer and retail organisations. As a Kiwi he has worked in local, regional and global IT roles and has developed a broad international base of experience as a result.

Constellation Wines Australia and Europe
The Role of IT in Business Transformation

In the fast paced business world of today every business in embarking on transformation initiatives regularly. Dean Holt has been involved in a great number of these over his 25+ years in the IT industry. In this session he will convey some of his insights and thoughts around the role IT has played in Business transformation and what IT professional needs to focus on to be key players in the exciting an d sometimes challenging environment.


Dean is currently the Vice President for Information Technology for the Australian Division of Constellation Brands, the world's largest wine company. He has had over 27 years experience in the IT industry in many differing roles from strategic and major project implementation consulting and leading major IT service delivery organisations through to business analysis and programming. He has worked for a variety of organisation in his career including major consulting organisations, retailers, manufacturers and government. His career has taken him to many locations within Australia, spending multiple years in the international IT arena. His focus has been, and continues to be, on technology solutions and services that can provide organisations with competitive advantage and use technology to further improve operations and activities within businesses.

Socio-Technical Networks - Panel Discussion (DeliverIT)


The Business of Being Young in IT
  • Transition from Employee to Business Mogul.
  • Tips to succeed in Business.
  • The Entrepreneurial Secret - How to Make $2000 in 2 minutes.

AJ Kulatunga is a Young Entrepreneur who runs his own ICT Consulting Firm – BLKMGK ICT. Inspired by the likes of Donald Trump and Richard Branson, at the young age of 23, AJ decided to give up secure, full time employment to pursue his dream of running his own business. In a highly competitive market dominated by people with 20 or 30 years more experience than him, he managed to stand out from the crowd and his endeavours saw him recognised as the Northern Territory Young Achiever for 2008. AJ has a Bachelor of Business Systems degree from Monash University and also has post graduate qualifications in Banking and Finance. When he’s not out “changing the world”, AJ has an interest in a wide variety of activities such as health & fitness, entrepreneurship and playing music.

Tata Consultancy Services
Wanted! Young IT professionals in Australia

As the world’s global economy turns a corner multinational IT companies are ramping up investment in intelligent young IT executives to help drive growth and assist to deliver quality, innovative services and solutions. In this session, Philip Lockwood from Tata Consultancy Services will explain employment strategies and outreach programs that are working well both at TCS and across the globe.

Topics cover:

  • Reviewing world-class recruitment strategies
  • Exploring both local and global opportunities
  • Learn how to develop a winning IT career path
  • Ferrari and TCS – a technology partnership in review

Phil Lockwood is Human Resources professional with over 25 years of HR management experience predominantly within the IT and Local Government sectors. Phil currently heads up the HR function for a global IT company in Australia, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), and has been with TCS for 6 years. Phil has seen TCS grow in Australia from an organisation with 250 employees in 2004, to over 1200 employees in 2010. Prior to TCS, Phil worked for a US IT company, Progress Software, heading up their HR function for the Asia Pacific region.

CSC Australia
Leveraging Social Networking (DeliverIT)

Trying to crack social networking for the enterprise seems to be the new commercial holy grail. How can a company successfully activate a social networking environment for more than 90,000 employees? Discover how CSC "cracked the code" and opened the door to a collaboration experience it once only dreamt of.


Benjamin has extensive experience in IT having been involved in a number of roles over his 20 year career in Information Technology ranging from applications development through service delivery to operations and strategic management. He has significant experience in the application of IT across the Manufacturing, Resources Industry Verticals and in services and outsourcing with particular interest in the use of Business Intelligence, Business Process Management and the successfully deployment of social networking in the enterprise. Benjamin has a Bachelor of Business majoring in eCommerce from Charles Sturt University and a Diploma in Computing Studies from Newcastle University.

ACS Foundation
Accelerating Your Career

John will advise students and young professionals how to accelerate their careers in a fast paced industry. Through his inspirational work at ACS Foundation, arranging internships for young people to gain relevant work experience, he understands what employers are looking for and how high fliers can move forward quickly in their careers. He will bring these discussions to the table during his talk at the YIT Conference. As an engaging speaker, he will leave the YIT delegates with clear take-aways on how to be successful in the ICT industry and how to lay the foundations for the early stages of their careers.


John was appointed Executive Director of the ACS Foundation in January 2005. He was President of the ACS in 2000 and 2001, and the inaugural Chairman of the Foundation when it was launched in August 2001. He worked tirelessly to ensure the ACS Foundation was established and has since played a substantial role in the successful development of the Foundation. John was recognised for his contribution to IT and education by being awarded with an Order for Australia in 2007. Since joining the ACS in the 1970s, John has served in varying capacities, initially as an Executive Committee Member of the NSW Branch, then as NSW Branch Chair, and National Vice-President prior to his election as President for 2000-1 and then as National Marketing Board Director.

How to become the Number One in your ICT Career? – Advice from CareerOne!

Kate Southam, Editor of, will talk about successful job hunting strategies and how to keep your career powering by mastering “visibility management”, communication skills and how to lead others.


Journalist Kate Southam has specialised in employment for the last decade. She has a syndicated column in more than 100 News Limited newspapers, a blog on and is the Editor of the online magazine hosted by Kate is also a public speaker, presenter and regular media commentator for radio, television and magazines. Her previous roles include being a news reporter on ninemsn, the environment writer on the Sydney Morning Herald, reporting on indigenous affairs, rural news and the environment for ABC Radio, North Queensland and on health, business and the environment for the Sunday edition of the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong for more than four years. Kate also worked in London for a year including on a project based in Bucharest and London during the Romanian elections of 1990. Just prior to joining News Ltd/CareerOne, Kate spent a year as the public affairs manager of the NSW Bar Association.

One Laptop Per Child - Australia
One Laptop per Child in Australia: opening windows of opportunity.

A discussion on the operational strategy to reach 400,000 children in less than five years. Starting from the market need through to execution. The final portion of the talk will be a personal reflection on what I have gained professionally from the experience.


Rangan Srikhanta is a graduate from the University of Technology, Sydney with a double degree in Business (Accounting Major) and Computing. He has spent four years at the United Nations Association of Australia, NSW Division as a Director and three years as Treasurer. Rangan is a recipient of the Elizabeth Hastings Memorial Award for his work contribution to the wider community as a student of UTS.

Having migrated to Australia from Sri Lanka as a child, Rangan was inadvertently bestowed with a unique insight into how stifling the prospect of a lack of opportunity can be. Acknowledging that his parents uprooted their lives for his, he now feels the same hope and aspiration for the children of his adopted country, too many of whom face the same lack of choice that led him and his family to Australia.

As the Executive Director of One Laptop per Child (OLPC) Australia, Rangan hopes to provide each child with an XO laptop and an opportunity to realise their full potential through education.


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